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N/A | National Maurice Blackburn Stop SMIDSY team inviting ad/campaign ideas

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Maurice Blackburn, May 2, 2013.

  1. Hello Netrider,

    Adam from Maurice Blackburn’s Stop SMIDSY campaign here – your contribution to 2012’s “Take a Longer Look” motorcycle awareness advert was awesome. Whether you bought a t-shirt or shared your ideas – thank you!

    Why are we here?
    In 2013 we are evolving the Stop SMIDSY campaign by seeking recognition for a road craft that accommodates a safety behaviour – Filtering.

    Who is involved?
    Maurice Blackburn Lawyers has got the band back together and added some new blood to tackle this agenda:

    Gozer Studio – Shamus and James
    Motorcycling Australia – Bron Sorensen
    Victorian Motorcycle Council – Rob Salvatore
    Australian Motorcycle Council – Shaun Lennard

    How can you help
    It’s already tricky to define and convey an understanding of what filtering entails – to do so visually in a PSA for example (and on a budget!), well, that takes some doing. The lack of reference material on YouTube is testament to that.

    So we’d like to read your suggestions about how to depict filtering visually.

    The following provides an insight into the dimensions we’re considering:

    • Definition: Filtering is the act of riding between, or to one side, of queued/queuing slow moving columns of traffic.
    • Benefits = Safety, reduced congestion and, if legitimised, a further reason for drivers to look for motorcycles
    • A polished “look and feel” not dissimilar to the “Take a Longer Look” creative
    • The target audience would line up as government agencies first, drivers second and riders third
    • Perceptions of filtering range from “dangerous” to even “cheating”; how to shift those to “safer”, “reduces congestion” and “Take a longer look for motorcyclists”

    Look forward to see your suggestions!

    For those who missed it, here is the result 2012’s collaborative process:
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  2. I can think of a few ways, but I think, regardless, you might be able to use some volunteers to replicate congestion and filtering in a controlled manner??
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  3. Will this be a 30 second ad or more of a couple minute documentary?

    To do it in 30 seconds would be a huge challenge and you would need to focus only on one of the benefits. IMO if you can convince people filtering reduces congestion you would get the most benefit.

    For what it's worth the best analogy I've heard about filtering is it is similar to doing your banking on the internet instead of at the bank. Everyone wins because less people are queuing up at the bank while the people online banking are getting even more benefits.
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  4. ^^ This. A "What's in it for us (ie Joe Public)" rather than "hey, it keeps them safer", b/c Joe Public doesn't give a toss about us really...
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  5. #5 Fractalz, May 2, 2013
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    "before you lane change (merge) ... take a longer look"

    Same style with only a slight alteration to message ... that will a/ keep costs down and b/ keep the same style and c/ reinforce the brand.
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  6. Disagree, turning from a side street presents a much greater and more relevant danger. However, I would prefer, "Before you turn, look for motorcycles". Reinforce the problem.
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  7. Show a bored drivers sitting there as lights go from red to green and back to red, then pan out to show a line of 10 'vehicles' or so including 3 or 4 bikes along with a measurement of distance to the lights...then show the same selection of cars with the bikes filtering to the front and the measurement 40% shorter....followed by the voice over
    " motorcycles filtering reduces traffic congestion and improves commute times for everybody "
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  8. I suppose relevance depends on how often and far you commute. Lane mergers are high on my list of dolts.
  9. If it is a longer mini documentary I would use voxpops to get the general misnomers about filtering out. Have someone go

    "They are pushing in"

    Then respond with something "Actually filtering reduces the waiting times in traffic for everyone. Every bike which gets it self out of a traffic jam through filtering is one less vehicle to wait for......"

    Then back to the voxpops

    "They are going to get themselves killed"

    "Actually filtering increases the safety of riders by removing the risk of rear ends and getting them out of heavy traffic....."
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  10. Dolts, for sure. Though amongst actual problems they really are the least of my worries on the road as they are very easy to mitigate. You hear of many more 'collected by car turning out of street' stories than you do 'someone merged into me and I didn't bother avoiding it' stories.
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  11. I thought this too... And you could always do a comparison with a filtering or not, and show them how if we filter the que is shorter and they get through before he lights go red.... They've gotta get that.
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  12. Turners are easy to avoid if you know how... it's the sudden side-swipe of a non-indicating queue jumper that can catch you out as you try to slip past that gives me nightmares :nailbiting:

    Besides the message is aimed at drivers not riders... and repeating 'take a longer look' feeds into already existing lessons eg look right left right etc ... in other words reinforce learned behaviour via repetition.
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    The other thing I thought, on the safety issue, was a little tongue in cheek play on the "bloody idiot" put yourself in their shoes, and its up to you tag lines. Own them.

    Show a driver sitting in traffic, approaching a traffic light, show him look in the rear vision mirror and see a leering race bike, filling his mirrors.... Maybe use Bron again.... Swing around and look out the windscreen as the bike lines up next to the car at a race track and show the bike scream away..... Followed by the driver exclaiming the obligatory "bloody idiot"
    Put yourself in their shoes.
    Then change places... Show commuter sitting in traffic, in Melbourne weather lol, show their view with their visor fogging as they try to own their space with cars trying to merge into them, show their rear view mirror completely filled with a tailgating vehicle.... Overdo it for perspective... Then have a light go red, show them sensibly filter past our driver, and accelerate away when the light goes green.... Have the sun come out, the rider relax, and depict the buffer zones they now have.... Finish with the slogan it's up to you. (It can mean anyone in the ad)
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  14. Demonstrate how a motorcycle simply gets absorbed into the traffic flow - so that the nett result is a zero footprint.

    Car driver behaviour is highly predictable. Safe Filtering occurs when a rider knows how to predict the behaviour of the cars they are passing in the wide lane left for them by slow moving or stationary cars.
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  15. a line of cars stuck in a traffic jam. some of them morph into riders and filter past the rest with big smiles and the jam clears.
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  16. Show a big traffic jam with bikes waiting patiently in line with the cars, then Netriders own Justus appears from nowhere and in a booming voice says, "bikes do not belong here" then shows traffic jam with bikes filtering....
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  17. Considering that Filtering has been permitted in the UK for some time I'm wondering if there are any stats that could be used to promote the cause.
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  18. Show 2 lines of cars, bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see. Move the camera down to show the cager's view, then slide left 8 feet to show the wide open space in the split. Then show filtering from the rider's perspective - how far we can see, that we can see lane changes coming etc.

    The idea is to show that what drivers think they see - dangerous hooning between cars to push in - is not the reality of what filtering is.
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  19. The commentary might also include what filtering is NOT, i.e. differentiate safe filtering from unsafe lane splitting (in faster moving traffic). Maybe include the term "lane sharing" which has a more positive ring to it.
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  20. Maybe something a long the lines of:

    "A closed lane of traffic can cause traffic chaos"
    Show video of road work, accidents etc causing traffic chaos.
    "But that is what the government is doing on every road in the state by not allowing motorcycles to filter through stopped traffic"
    Show video of filtering.
    "By allowing motorcycles to filter the government will effectively open up new lanes on every road in the state, this takes motorcycles out of the traffic and reduces the waiting times for everyone. The roads minister can build free road infrastructure throughout the state, without costing a cent."
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