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Mature Age Rider Scheme

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I'm curious to see if the RTA has stuffed up my licence and want to throw this question out there.

    I've got a restriction of not being able to pillion anyone for 12 months but my Licence doesn't state anything other than C,R

    So I ask the question; Is the restriction a hidden one or have the bollocks my licence up and not placed it on?

    And if it is hidden, how could anyone tell?
  2. Under "Conditions" you should have an "E" then on the back it says what that is (under 260cc, no pillion)

    If it doesn't have either of these then you're probably safe as long as your PO isn't psychic?

    I dont think there is any other way of knowing... anyone?
  3. If believe if they pull you over, on checking your licence on the system, it will notify them of when your R was issued. So its only a problem if you have a pillion under the 12 month timeline.
  4. +1 cha_chaos
    If there is nothing under 'conditions' , then I'd plead ignorance :p
    R (motorbike) a class RE motorbike
    a motorbike with unlimited engine size, with or without a trailer

    C (car) a moped
    a motor vehicle weighing 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM) or less, built or fitted to carry a maximum of 12 passengers including the driver, with or without a trailer weighing 9 tonnes GVM or less
    a specially constructed vehicle weighing 4.5 tonnes GVM or less, with or without a trailer
  5. Yeah I have nothing at all apart from C,R on front and nothing at all on back.

    Curious to hear from others who have done the mature age rider scheme?
  6. Mature age rider scheme in NSW as you are & the replies so far are from those in Vic. ...

    Yes YOU ARE restricted on carrying a pillion for 12 months. No it wont state that on your license.

    Get pulled over for a license check & your gone.

    Won't wash, because they repeat so many times, before, during & after test
  7. Sweet!

    just thougth i'd confirm it as I was curious.

  8. Ahhh, the old ignorance is an excuse defence - after 303303030 tries maybe youll be the one it works for :p
  9. It's much the same here in QLD - for the first 12 months, you ride alone - even if you've spent 3 or 4 years on RE! :eek:
  10. In NSW, if taking advantage of the Mautre age rider scheme, one of teh conditions (in fact, teh only condition) is that you cannot carry a pillion for 12 months. I am not going to search it up, but it IS on the RTA website, and it IS in teh handbook that you would have studied for your licence........

    Regards, Andrew.