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Mature Age Rider Scheme

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rogue13, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Being over 30 I did my L’s then P’s course and now am on my unrestricted licence,
    the process took me about 10-12 weeks
    (although you could probably do it over two weekends if you had riding experience).

    My unrestricted licence comes with two “restrictions†and they are
    for the next 12 months I can’t carry a passenger or tow a trailer,
    neither of which affects me as I never have or don’t intend to do
    either one of these things in this period.

    The question I have is hypothetical, what if I did get pulled over say for a breath test and
    was carrying a passenger my licence class being C,R what are the chances of actually getting fined for this offence.
    If I was caught speeding with a passenger maybe then they would investigate my records further, but how would they police this restriction on random stops?

    Has anyone else been in this situation ?
    Seems like a loop hole that would be difficult to enforce.

  2. Then the cop radios back to base as they always do ,to check your rego and licence and check you own the bike.

    Then it will show up that you have only had you licence for less then 12 months.
    Just because it's not writen on your licence dosn't mean ,its not on the computer system and very clear to them.

    hypotheticaly.. are you getting the GSXR1000 or R1 . :wink:
  4. Your license will be endorsed with a condition, not sure if the code is printed on the license, like "S" for corrective lenses "A" for auto vehicle.

    In any event a license check will show that the license has conditions.
  5. On my license it has the restriction printed on the back as follows:

    E Bike 260CC & No Pillion Passenger. End Restriction (31-01-2008)

    I too have ordered a Triple (can't wait \:D/).

    How about insurrance picking up a 675 before restriction is removed?


  6. I am in the same boat (figuratively speaking)...

    My Licence has no conditions listed (on the back where the conditions would be displayed is blank)...

    My feeling is that, if a cop stopped you for a set up RBT, where they just look at your licence and get you to blow in the bag, you might get away with it...

    If you are pulled over by a patrol, they almost always run your licence through the computer which would show up your conditions...

    C47A (1) Unlawfully carry pillion passenger, $238, 3 Points


    and remember, insurance companies LOVE a reason not to pay out on a claim... up to you...

  7. thanks for that link daewoo. woah 18 pages!

    don't think the passenger gets off scott free:
    CI 47 (2)(c) Unlawful motorcycle passenger $79