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VIC Mature Age Apprenticeship (Electrical)

Discussion in 'Employment' started by madalpinestar, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone on here is doing or has done a mature age apprenticeship? I'm thinking of getting into electrical but not sure where to start getting information. I have had a look online but doesn't seem to be much information getting around

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  2. http://www.skillconnection.com.au/apprenticeships/electrical/victoria/melbourne/melbourne/


    Positions Advertised
    Applications for 2013 have now closed.
    The following stages will be completed in order to select the successful candidates:

    1st round online assessment
    Should you be successful in progressing through the online application process you will be invited to complete an online assessment to provide us with an understanding of your numerical comprehension. Please note that this assessment will be verified at the time of interview.

    2nd round online assessment
    Should you be successful in progressing through the 1st round online assessment process you will be invited to complete an online assessment to provide us with an understanding of your safety behaviours and mechanical aptitude. Please note that this assessment will be verified at the time of interview.

    Should you be successful in progressing through to interview stage you will be contacted to arrange an appropriate time. At the interview you will also be required to complete an online assessment to verify your previous online answers, undertake a colour vision assessment and bring along your original certificates and qualifications.

    Essential Energy uses the behavioural-based interview style. Click here for further information.

    Pre-employment checks
    As part of our recruitment process we may request a number of pre-employment checks to be completed including references, medical and security checks.

    Should you be successful in gaining an apprenticeship with Essential Energy, you will be contacted and offered a role. The start date for all successful apprentices is Thursday 31 January 2013.

    We wish you all the best in your application.

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  3. Beware the ETU. I'll not got into it any further.
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  4. Shallow warning.

    If you are not prepared to go into it further, why bother.

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  5. Angel, may I suggest this model... :whistle: :bolt:
  6. They are one of the more militant unions in Victoria and give little or nothing in benefit for the money they extort from tradesmen. They will also try to make their presence felt in most workshops and imply it is required to be a member, even citing "closed shops" when they have no right to do so. If you wish to leave after joining they will fight you. This is all from personal experience.

  7. Nope not enough, explain in detail how this is relevant to an apprenticeship. Also you bang on about personal experience yet glossed over it in a threadjack.
  8. It's relevant in that the OP is talking about an apprenticeship in the ELECTRICAL trade which will bring him into direct contact with the ELECTRICAL Trade Union. I have no interest in thread jacking and it is the moderators who have twice brought this back and forced the continuation, not me.
    I am just saying the OP should be wary of ETU, nothing more.
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  9. Hmmm. How did we end up with a 36 hour working week, RDO's, paid holidays, sick pay, health & safety initiatives, etc etc etc? Who is going to protect your conditions against all this 457 visa bullsh!t? The large companies just gave all this to you 'cause you're a good bloke? I'll follow your lead, and not go into it any further
  10. I didn't say all unions or unionism in general is bad. It's not. I made a comment about one specific union and being wary of them.
  11. Try the big energy companies or see if you can do a pre-apprenticeship course, it's not easy getting a mature age apprenticeship because of the pay. I've seen a few mature age guys try and never ended up getting one, but if you try hard enough and put in the effort you will get one.
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  12. Speaking as an employer in the electrical industry...

    No-one will (generally) look at an applicant without a pre-app course.

    Manual drivers license is generally another pre-requisite

    Domestic electricians who do not have an EBA in place are more likely to take on a mature age apprentice as they are not burdened with having to pay big $$ for little to no return (in the early years at least).

    To clarify - the award rate for a 1st year (regardless of age) is $7.50/hr, good for employers as they are not incurring a big cost for an unproductive employee; however most mature age employees cannot live on the low $$. Most employers in the domestic field will pay above award rates but you're still looking at about $9/hr.

    The flip side of the coin is in the commercial field with an EBA company. Here the rate for a mature age (over 21 on commencement) apprentice is approx $26-30hr (trades assistant rates) and is higher than the standard apprentice EBA rates. Good for the apprentice but bad for the player as they are paying out big $$ for little return.

    I have employed mature age apprentices under both models in the last few years and can honestly say the only time I ever consider a mature age apprentice on EBA rates is for an existing employee that is looking to up skill or qualify as a dual trade or who I wish to look after long term as an investment for the company.

    Best of luck and don't hesitate to ask any questions OP.

    Lastly a comment on the ETU - both as a former member and current 'boss who is out to get you'.... I've seen both sides of the coin and while I respect the job they do for their members, in my experience there is also still a fair amount of corruption and stand over tactics employed at times.
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  13. Thanks to every one for their advice. Its been extremely helpful
  14. I'm not the OP, but hopefully he won't mind me asking....
    Is there any chance you need someone in this category at the moment?? :D I'd happily work my butt off for a complete change, for the $ you're talking about and to be "looked after long term" I'm a quick learner too. (y)
  15. And I certainly hope that those involved are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for all the illegal activities they have been involved in. This is exactly the sort of cr@p that gives those that want to reduce the average everyday blue collar workers wages, conditions and entitlements, ammunition to achieve their goals. Although, I don't hold too much hope for that, when the stench goes right to the top (PM) of the current Government.
    All the average worker wants is a fair days pay, for a fair days work, and to return home safely at the end of the day. Some of the cr@p that goes on defies belief. I am aware of that. But there needs to be a referee to try and keep the ledger balanced. Unfortunately, at the moment, what we have is all there is.
  16. It's a good field I think but good luck getting in, especially as a mature age as the awards have just been lifted.
    I'm currently a mature age industrial electrical apprentice and there's nothing much going on at the moment... Getting my apprenticeship was a year long saga, let me tell you!

    Cover your ass! lol
  17. So basically not worth it. I'm 36 and too old! :wtf:
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