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MattyB has a bike! (and licence, and riding :D)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MattyB, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. In the past, i've posted more than a couple of threads regarding who i am, where i am in my quest to ride, and how far i've gotten.
    Because of that, i've been hesitant to put up a new thread until i'm finally out riding with everything in the bag and complete.

    But, patience isn't one of my strong points, and i couldn't wait to tell you all.

    I'm the new proud owner of a CBR250RR :D

    Some of you may recall that i didn't want a yellow bike, well guess what - it's yellow! haha

    The colour doesn't phase me the slightest, it's quite bling (i mean that in a negative way, i'm not a fan of bling.) - but it's a great bike, i know that because of Loz, who has helped me from start to finish and to be honest, i couldn't have done it without him :D

    when i put up the thread wanting someone to help me look for a bike, do a few roadtests and what-not, Loz pm'd me offering, and because his nickname registered in my head as someone i've seen on the forums for quite a while, i figured he was the best bet.
    and shit aye, what a top bloke he is! :D

    firstly, i drove to his house and we did the get-to-know-ya's, then had a look on the net for some bikes, see whats around, and alot were.. so we hopped on his hornet and went wizzing around the 'burbs looking at bikes, after looking at about 4 bikes which we plucked as the best ones to see from the net and trading post, ugly rossi coloured mo-fo here stood out the most. (according to Loz, whom i trust wholeheartedly) he has a strong engine, no hiccups or lag all the way through the rev range, good brakes (not as good as another he test rode, though we suspect those were 'special' somehow), firm suspension (slight leak in the left fork seal, getting fixed this week), not a mark on it (though, new paint scheme and a black rim on the front, and polished on the rear - so it's been dropped, but fixed professionally), looks well maintained, (ie; chain in good nick, levels all good, no bad noises)

    and the asking price was $5,400 - for that price, Loz and I were hesitant, thought it too much. though loz convinced me to ring and have a shot at working the price down, just to see what happens seeing as the owner has had it for sale for quite a while.. well, $4,200 with a spare lid and 10 months reg - can't complain :D

    seemed like the best value for money we'd encounter without having that aweful aforementioned patience.

    I knew it was yellow, and i knew i wasn't a fan of yellow.. but i seriously care not what colour it is, if it's a good price and seems like it won't let me down.

    sold :D

    Loz followed me back to my house the next day (came back in the cage so he could ride it back for me) and let me say... those Megacycle exhausts sure are LOUD!, has quite a nice note to it for a 250 if you ask me :D

    My licence is booked in with HART for 2 weeks from now, i have the transfer papers and reciept ready to take to VicRoads once the roadworthy is completed (guessing - right indicator (snapped), rear brake electrics (flickers - known problem apparently), and just because it need it - front left fork seal, battery, and major service (for my piece of mind.))

    So at the moment, my new baby is in the hands of Loz, he's STILL helping me to no end all out of the goodness of his heart.

    so yeah.. i need to buy some gloves, get the handbook for the L's test, pay the L's test, transfer the rego, then i'm all set until i rock up at HART, do the course, and then i'll be happy as a pig in s**t! :D

    heres some photos, please don't throw up or make cracks about rossi riding a yamaha, lol.

    PS: before i go hunting, does anyone have a good condition pillion pad for my bike? i wish not to have blue flames coming out of my arse :\
    I'm guessing it would be damn hard to find a blue one, so i'll settle for black.




    thanks Loz! hope to see ya soon, take some snaps for ya, goto Cheers, go for a ride, whatever :D
  2. Looks great man, good buy :)
  3. mmm nice another YELLOW bike... good choice... +10
  4. Great stuff, matty, and well done to Loz, jeez this is a great community :grin:
  5. lol @ your gold visor'd red helmets, funny :D
  6. enjoy your new bike. Much congratulation for Loz, what a CHAMP for doing what he did :)

    I'd also re-think getting a black pillion seat, picturing a black seat on top of that blue with yellow at the front would make it turn into an ugly bike because of the colour clash. But in the end, your choice heh.
  7. +10 from me too. My baby's yellow and dark purple with silver highlights.
  8. undii, i do agree with you - but what are the chances of me finding a blue seat?
    getting it re-trimmed is an idea, what what would that cost me? :\
  9. Congrats on the bike Matty and well done Loz :grin:
  10. yeah good work! congrats on the bike.
    and they say there are no more good samaritans
  11. woohooo. fab bike MattyB, good price, good process and learning experience and a new friendship thrown in for good measure :grin:

    hope you bought loz a slab of his favourite to thank him.... and helped him polish them off to celebrate :LOL: :LOL:

    happy riding mate, c x
  12. Pfffttt!

    Yellow bike they are sooo uncool... :oops:

    Join the Yellow Brigade with pride MattyB my friend!! Fight the power!!
  13. Very nice bike... what's those blue flame coming out from your ar$e?? Just kidding..
  14. i'm yet to repay him, but i will :D
    not because i have to, and he did decline a token of appreciation the first day of riding, it's good to know how kind some people can be, and all without expecting anything in return
    but i'll be damned if i let his favours go without money and drinks and a free photographer whenever he needs it, and anything else i can offer :D
  15. seems i'm destined to 'fight the power' :p
    i first said i don't want a yellow bike, then i kept looking at a yellow one in the paper with lust, then 2 of the 5(i think 5) bikes we saw were yellow, then i fell inlove with this one :D
  16. they make it go faster ;)
    everyone knows blue flames are hotter than red, and red is suppose to make a vehicle go faster, so.. i go even faster :D
  17. I know that down here in the Valley it would only be about $40 odd. I have no idea in Melbourne though Matty, sorry.
  18. Well done mattyB nice looking bike, seat and all!

    Loz your'e a champ well done mate.
  19. Glad your mobile - bike looks good, and power to loz for his part
  20. Tell ya what mate it's a bloody fantastic little bike, very hard to have it just sitting in the shed waiting for RWC... Might have to take it round the block, y'know, just to stretch its legs... :grin: I didn't expect power like that from a 250!

    My pleasure to help out mate, I like me bikes just a bit! And I'll personally take responsibility for all the the shit you'll cop from these Netrider clowns for the attention-whore paint job. :p