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Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down. [4/2/06-old thread]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Matt was leading a small pack from Mirboo to Dumbalk and lost it on a shocking corner - resurfaced yesterday, with tiny loose gravel EVERYWHERE and completely unsigned.

    As he went down, Realm ditched the Daytona to make sure she didn't run over him. Then, she ran up to warn the others behind, and Phanoongy lost it trying to slow down.

    Three bikes piled up in the one corner, carnage. The bobby on duty didn't agree with us that there should have been a signpost.

    Justin might have a broken arm or something (carted off to hospital) and Realm picked up some nasty scratches where her jacket rode up. Matty seems physically fine although he was unconscious for a minute there.

    The blade and the CBR are pretty buggered, the Daytona is scratched up but ok.

    Thanks straight away to nurse Lil who got the first aid kit out and went to work on some dinosaur bumps and scratches. And to Deano and Pommyboy who are currently sorting out a trailer for the three sad and sorry bikes.

    Bloody lucky it wasn't worse.

    Oh, and bloody lucky for me I was tail-ending or I'm sure I would have dropped too.
  2. Faaark!

    Did Mat go to hospital too? A KO can have serious repercussions. He should not be alone for the next 24 hours, and should be checked for dialated pupils, especially uneven ones.
  3. Yes, Matt232 went to the hospital with Justin.

    And the bulk of the group (6 or so) are still out in Dumbalk waiting for the trailer. So there's plenty of people around.
  4. To say I was shocked when I got the phone call from Dean is an under-statement....

    I hope Matt & Justin are OK - Faye seemed ok when she got here (bar the scratches obviously) as bright & bubbly as always :grin:

    I wish everyone speedi recoveries and hope to see you all soon.

    If any of you need anything, please yell out :grin:
  5. speedy recovery to all
  6. Oh crap, hopefully you guys will all be OK!!! Yell if you need help!
  7. Re: Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down.

    As you know I decided not to stay with you people, but I ended up going along the same stretch after going much further south.

    I also suddenly found the loose black gravel but was lucky that I had just passed a truck going the other way and had slowed a bit, and was in a section where the cars had wiped some off. I got through the first lot and then was not going too fast when the second lot arrived on the left hander.
    It was very shiffty loose stuff and I could not tell the loose stuff from the settled stuff.

    I think I may have been going in the opposite direction. I was heading for Mirboo Nth and I saw your bikes at the pub, so I was ahead of you.

    The only fright I had was some d'HD in a white falcon ute on my side of the road just before Mirboo Nth. F'wit of a driver.
  8. Wishing you all a speedy recovery.
  9. Re: Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down.

    Of course he wouldn't have. If he had, that would've opened the local council up, who he likely knows quite well, to be sued for negligent road works.

    Sorry to hear about everyone's off.

    Hope everyone's largely okay after the initial shock of it all.
  10. that sucks guys, hope you a feeling healthy soon and the bikes don't cost too many $$$ to fix. what a nightmare group ride, reinforces my pessimistic personal view that bikes are just pretty things to be ridden sedately, more suited to laps of chapel st than black spur runs (as you can't trust the road surface, or any other road users) :( stupid uncontrollable variables.

    once again get well soon guys, get patched up at the epworth and i'll see you there and organise VIP treatment :wink:
  11. I hope you are all ok and any bruising and cuts ect heals fast,sorry to hear about more of that slippery stone crap they put on top now ,has caught more riders out ,a bluddy waste of more bikes,i am just pleased you are all ok (sort of)don't forget to send in photos and a report to the council.mabe compensated ya just never know .
  12. Re: Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down.

    What does one cop's opinion count there? Surely the facts are enough.
  13. Re: Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down.

    If you have any probs with a trailer, ring me. I have a large tray trailer and a bike trailer if you want. I'm about 45 minutes away.

    04 1989 5362
  14. Terrible news to hear so many came down on a ride. Hope every one (even the ones who kept their bike up) recover quickly.

  15. Bugger.

    I hope everyone and their bikes are ok and any injuries heal quickly.

    Has a sign been placed there since the local bobby was made aware of an issue???

  16. Thanks Brian, I think they're sorted out with enough trailers and tie-downs for the three bikes.
  17. Re: Matty down, Phanoongy down, Realm down.

    Much stronger case. Got the word/opinion of an officer at the scene, rather than some pictures and a description in the victim's words.
  18. Ouch! Hope everyone heals up o-k!

    I came off today, flying over the bars. Got up and kept on riding, sore shoulder, bent bike, scratch-free gear. Otherwise all fine.
  19. You'd think three victims at once would show that nobody's making things up.
  20. Christ...

    Glad to hear everyone's (pretty much) okay, anyway. Here's to a speedy recovery for all.