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Matti-san wants a new bike that sends shivers up his spine

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. OK as some may have guessed by now I own a GT250 mighty Hysoung and to continue in the great vein that it is my next bike will be a naked. I want what I have from the Hysoung, comfort and ease of service but it is still a Korean made 2fiddy.

    So lets have a look at my criteria.

    Long service intervals 10,000kms + would be good
    Comfy riding position - ie naked
    Low down torque
    Fun in the twisties on the weekend
    Cool to look at and a bit different. As much as I like the Z750 and Hornet they are just boring to look at, I know it's shallow but hey what are you going to do?

    Well still have to work out what the service costs are but this is looking the business at the moment. Does anyone have any experience on servicing costs etc for an Aprilia? I know this is a new bike but it does seem like it hits the spot.

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    The other one might be a Monster, but they are pretty common now.

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  2. How about the new street triple675? (naked 675 kinda)

    naked, lots low down torque from what it appears and very uncommon at present ;)
  3. Yeah spot on waz, can't wait to see one in the flesh :cool:
  4. The Shiver is damn sexy
  5. +1

    Makes me want to go out and buy one
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  7. $15,000 though, lots of other similar bikes for cheaper.
  8. Wow - I could look at this bike all day.... love it! Really really love it :grin:

    Another one for the upgrade list. :grin:
  9. show me another naked 750 that looks that good then
  10. [​IMG]



    Have you considered an 850 Griso (or breva)? If torque is what you want it has that. Supposedly handles well, and the engine certainly develops decent power. Shaft drive means really low maintenance. And it's more than a bit different.
  11. that's a BEAUTIFUL looking naked matt.

    sure you don't want to consider a speed triple or a CB1300?

    both have an insane amount of torque.
  12. ^^^ I 2nd that, wait for the new Street Triple to come out. They look awesome.

    I can't wait till the Street comes out, I'll be lining up for one.
  13. I like my naked italians a bit plumper

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  14. Where did you find this info?

    If it's gonna be 15 grand, I've to say no to Shiver. :(
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  16. The aprilia looks awesome... But for $15 grand, who gives a shit? Wait til you ride a bunch, the view from the seat's the only one that counts.
  17. Shiver looks great and has what I'd consider just the right balance of performance and real street useability. In short, it presses a lot of right buttons for me... but there's no way I'd rush out and buy the first-year run. There are just too many unknowns, a lot of new technologies, all this throttle-by-wire stuff, and the new engine. Unlike the other Aprilia's this one is no longer made by Rotax in Austria - this is a brand new, in-house developed and built engine... and Aprilia never had very good reputation for supply of spare parts or their dealer network in general.

    In a year or two down the track it would be a definite contender for me. But for now, I can only wish I had enough money to take gambles like this!
  18. You want sex on wheels,.... You got it!!!



    And... the Pooh is spent! :grin:

    That's what the Pooh wants for Xmas!!! :cool:
  19. it's a hard toss up between the shiver and db6 which looks better...
  20. Exclusivity comes at a cost...... personally the I like the Tuono. If I ever get tired of the 675...... the Tuno will be the one for me.

    Not a huge fan of the Shiver....