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matti-san is retiring from commuting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matti-san, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. So after a few close calls, one very close :shock: and a broken rear sprocket at 80kmh! :shock: one to many cold winter wet mornings :shock: and 29,000kms in 18 months, and a few too many rider down posts; I have decided to call it quits on the daily 120km return commute. I will be selling the bike and buying a little shitbox to drive the 12kms to the station.

    Sell the bike! yep but not selling out on motorcycling. I am going to tread a different path and get back to what Ithink is the essence of motorcycling.

    First I will get a couple of dirt bikes, this is to go riding with my 8 year old son. A lot of his mates have dirtbikes and I figure that I may as well teach him [and me] how to ride before he jumps on a mate's bike and runs through a fence! :grin:

    Second I am going to embark on a cafe racer project, this has always been what I thought motorcycling was about. Not sure what kind of bike yet, but probably an old single from the '70s or a Royal Enfield and go from there. This bike would be a joint project by myself and my sons and hopefully will bring togethor three of my great loves, family, fixing stuff and biking. This will get ridden for enjoyment and not for transport. :cool:

    Anyway when the cafe racer starts I will ensure that it is featured as a netrider thread, I have been inspired by what Edgelette did with her Hornet.

    Something like this?

  2. good luck on your new choice of transport.....agree winter it's alot harder to commute, and the cage is sooo much more practical, but i reckon 1 month back into the start of riding season, and you will be back on a bike :LOL: if not regretting it BIG time :cool:
  3. That's why the dirt bike, I can always buy some 17"s for it! :grin:
  4. Good luck with the cafe racer project Matty, and welcome to the world of dirt bikes, I still reckon dirt bikes are the best fun on 2 wheels.
  5. A broken sprocket at 80km/h??? on a Hyosung?!??

    Oh gawd, someone delete this thread before Loz finds it...
  6. Looking out my window at the rain pelting down for the second day straight, it's not hard to see the reason for your decision, Matti. Best of luck with the cafe project, and make it a project thread, like Tash did :).
  7. Rain up there too eh?
    Yeah, commuting in winter can really test one's resolve. I must admit I drove in to work yesterday (also had another reason though).
    I need to get a car with a working heater.......
    And good luck with the project matti, don't overlook early Japanese gear for a nice cafe racer either.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. I wish I could join you...but alas...i'm carless...*cries*

    Hopefully only another couple of weeks! Can understand it fully though! I haven't ridden as much the entire time i've had my licence as I have the last three weeks...and I'm over it. Heh. Love being able to get on a bike and go for a ride...but I'm not enjoying it now that I HAVE to do it.

    With the cold and the stress and the freakin out etc I've had headaches nearly every day the last week and a bit, can't wait to be able to get in my car! It's been fantastic experience, and if I wasn't forced to do so I probably would not have ridden in the rain any time soon, so on that side it's been a good thing...but yeah.

    Good luck with your 'new life' matti :)
  9. So what sort of "dirt bike" - road registerable?

    And check out Marlon's garage for his neat SR cafe racer - one of the best I've seen.
  10. peeahh, you nailed it my dear! :grin:

    Yeah will be a couple of months but yep road registerable, untill the cafe racer is going. Not sure on the bike yet, test rides woohoo!!

    Yep that is one sweet clean looking bike, that's the idea I love the whole retro cafe/rocker/ace cafe type of bike. So whatever it is it will probably have checker markings and a polished or black tank.
  11. Yeah, I can't blame you. After going through the last winter with no means of transport other than the bike, I decided I could not go through another one. A few months ago I bought Hyundai Excel for just over 2k, and over the last couple of weeks I congratulated myself on my decision daily... one of the smartest moves I've ever made!

    Cars, bikes, pushies... they are not religion, they are not lifestyles - they are just means of transport. They are tools, just like a hammer or a screwdriver. There's nothing wrong with having more than one tool in your toolbox and there's no shame in using each as appropriate.
  12. Its very easy to "get over" the commuting jungle. I can see why people like yourself abandon it for the train.

    I myself am moving house soon and will be very close to a train station for the first time. I can see myself catching the train to work more often than not and the bike will end up being more and more a weekend tourer.

    Cheers Matti-san, good luck with it all.

    Oh and great choice on the cafe racer project.
  13. I see the (sad) world of [only] riding a 250cc bike has gotten to you :grin:

    Back OT, best of luck with whatever you do mate, I'm always available as an ear or a whole person if you ever want a catch up :) Shoot me a PM I guess if the need ever arises :) You will LOVE teaching your son the ins and outs of (dirt) biking. One of my childhood mates who loathed "kids" as a teenager is now a father of 2 and recently he said to me the greatest moments of his live both involved his children. One was riding dirt bikes with his son and the other was finishing a "computer game" with his kid, seeing the happiness on his childs face made his life "worth living".

    Once I get my shoulder hopefully back into order, we will be entering the "family" brigade if we're able to do it... Anyway mate, as said before, I wish you the best with whatever you do, hope I keep in contact, you are someone I am proud to know :grin: :)
  14. Thanks Waz! :grin:
  15. Heh, not at all; in fact I am *this* close to moving on to another job, which will mean I'll no longer need a completely sensible bike for daily use. Then I'll be able to indulge myself... a little bit.
    I could enjoy a wildest, meanest bike as much as the next guy; there's that part of me that is still 16 years-old and refuses to grow up... but other parts of me are reasonable enough to know I don't really NEED a wildest, meanest bike, nor can I afford one. So it helps to keep perspective on these things.

    Anyway, to stay somewhat on topic, here's another cafe-racer for matti-san. This one is Triumph Thruxton from Deus Ex Machina:

    and more detail
  16. Bwa.... Oh.

    Way to poop a dude's party Ktulu.

    That *is* a new one though.

    I personally love bike commuting. I hope this is only a temporary thing. I'm sure as soon as you have to sit in line down one freeway stretch at 15kmh you'll change your mind.

  17. COOL! And they used a $69 Ebay oil cooler too! :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. I love the look of the thruxton.

    Lets face it, doesnt EVERYONE really want a Manx Norton....

  19. good lord, I inspired someone to do something??? lol

    seriously matt, glad to hear you're not stopping riding entirely. there are some days while commuting that I also wonder what the hell i'm doing...

    and I REALLY look forward to reading about your project bike!! honestly it's hard work but also a lot of fun, and you feel such a great pride when it's done & you can look at it & say 'wow'

    good luck mate
  20. commuting in the rain isn't so bad as long as you have the right gear. For me, if i don't ride everyday i get far too stressed out - the daily commute is a whole lot of fun and stress relief.

    That said, if you don't have the right gear / facilities, or the road is boring, i could see it getting a bit boring compared to the comfort of car / train.

    Good choice with the dirt bike - they're a whole lot of fun. fantastic for buzzing around town, lots of fun in the twisties due to ground clearance and resultant lean angle (even with dirt wheels/tyres on) and cheap and simple to run/maintain.

    the only thing they don't do particularly well is highways. anything 400cc or bigger will handle the speeds well, but the seating position wears you out fairly quickly. i can still comfortably do a few hours at a time on my XT though.

    undii - you need your shoulder to do that....?