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Mattb's new ride: XV535

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mattb, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. G'day All.

    It is with excitement that I'd like to welcome to the mattb family, my 'new' 1992 Virago XV535.

    I picked it up last night but will do a thorough detailing and service before I take it for a proper ride (this is the new mattb, who swears to stop treating his motorcycles like oily rags). Two weeks back I spent a grand on the Hornet, with the assumption I'd be keeping it for years to come. But I have been repressing a truth for a long time, which I had to admit to myself after a day on the Hornet recently: I just don't like four cylinder bikes. It's singles for me, and if we're going to get fancy then twins. I'm especially not a fan of sports bike engine manners - that need to rev, the mind-space it puts you in. So I was mindlessly browsing eBay as I often do with no practical intent, and there was this gorgeous XV for sale, for - it occured to me - the same amount of money that I would make selling the Hornet. The rest happened quickly and after pay day yesterday I picked it up.

    I know a mid-weight Virago (which looks like a 250) doesn't have much street cred, especially compared to a Hornet, but I don't care: Not only does it look good, and not only is it a good family bike (i.e. my partner now wants to get back into riding through it), but it is my favourite category of bike: middle weight (500cc); air-cooled; common; old simple technology; few cylinders; Yamaha. Plus I've always wanted a Virago.

    I rode it home through sweeping suburban roads and then the Eastern Freeway. It sits easily at 100kph, accelerates very well, has a torquey yet revvy motor that pulls from nothing, and is a real pleasure to ride - especially with the driveshaft. At the moment it is highly baffled and needs some modification to move it from vaccuum cleaner to bad boy, but so long as it is reliable transport I am happy with it and will modify it in time.

    I'll have to join NR and post my Hornet up for sale in a couple of weeks' time ($3k - enough to get my money back), and in doing so perhaps I'll write up a review. I actually have a lot of admiration for my Hornet 600. It's a fantastic bike - brilliant for sports and touring, and a great commuter - and I was anxious about making the decision to ditch it. But as a retro, vintage and cruiser fan I can only admire it, not love it. So now I'm a cruiser rider, and I'm looking forward to the next cruiser-bashing thread :)


  2. Great looking bike and well done for picking a bike based on who you are, what you honestly want and need from riding.

  3. What Joe said, and congratulations - looking forward to seeing it in leather panniers, parked on the side of a gravel road in Bumfuk, Nowhere!
  4. those are great bike. I was riding my friend's one recently and are fun chuck able little things, they have a bit of go as well.
  5. welcome to the dark side
  6. Nice little bike that rode quite well too (Thanks for that mate!)

    You'll get 3k for your hornet easy. In 9 months time I'd buy it off you, but some other lucky bugger will get it.
  7. what he said.
  8. Congrats on getting hold of a bike that is "you" because I'm sure we all know that there's nothing worse than just settling for you've got.
  9. You've always given the impression that you weren't really in love with the Hornet, to be truthful, so hopefully this one suits you much better :).
  10. Nice. I've seen some of those bobbed very nicely & pretty easily too ;)
  11. Top stuff mate, I rode one a few years back, nice mid sized bike, good sound if you get a good zorst for it.
  12. Matt,

    Congratulations. That is a fine looking bike and seems terrific value at $3K.

    I considered one when I bought my first bike, but ended up with a Honda CX500.