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mattb's 'new' Kawasaki W650

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mattb, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. I intend to write a proper review of this bike in a week or two, but in the meantime: today I picked up my 2005, 23,000km Kwaka W650.



    I've been a bit 'light on' with my riding this year, but this bike has a 3 month 5000km warranty, and I intend to use it.

    Thanks to Patb for sharing his thoughts with me over some PMs. I started out with a choice between this, a HD Sportster, and a modern Bonneville. The W knocked the Bonnie aside easily, and in the end while I think the HD has the better engine yet as a total bike I found the W is closer to the sort of motorcycle that fires my imagination. Just. Hopefully it'll be a long-term keeper, alongside my Yamaha SR500 (-I am every inner-city trendy's dream!).

    Here's one of the more interesting comparison-reviews that I've come across. http://contemplativemotorcycling.blogspot.com/2011/11/bonnie-and-pretenders.html


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  2. what a pretty bike!!

    I wish you both a long, happy life together....
  3. looks nice matt, congrats on the bike :)
  4. nice work matt hope you enjoy it!
  5. permission to say pimping, sir.
  6. watch out the fonz is in the house haha nice bike
  7. I was just thinking thats a rather retro looking bike. Very nice.
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    Nice bike Matt, congrats and enjoy
  9. Looking good MattB! (y)
  10. i have always liked the W, good luck and have fun
  11. Nice looking bike!

    Now, you are going to wash this damn bike Matt. I'm going to come around on a regular basis and force you to!
  12. Congratulations. Nothing quite beats the excitement of picking up a new (to you) bike :D.

    I would tend to agree but I would qualify that by defining "better" as meaning "feeling like a proper motorcycle should", because in pretty much every objective way, the Kwak engine outperforms the Sporty by a substantial margin. The only areas where the H-D scores are low end torque (helped by its extra cubes) and availability of expertise and aftermarket support.

    Having said that, given the same choice, I'd have gone the H-D, for reasons discussed in my PMs, but all that means is that my irrational grounds for choosing a motorcycle are different from your irrational grounds for choosing a motorcycle. But that's OK because choosing any motorcycle is a fundamentally irrational thing to do :D.
  13. your last sentence deserves to be in someone's sig, Pat :)
  14. 7p
  15. I like the bike and look forward to your review.
  16. Mattb hasn't been seen in these parts for some time. I wouldn't wait around.
    Go introduce yourself in the welcome lounge though.