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Mattb's First Off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mattb, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. It's better to ride like a grandma, than squeal like a girl beside your crumpled machine. Hence my mantra is: slow down, then see if you can slow down some more. Ride like Max drives in that opening scene when he pulls on to the road to intercept the Nightrider. Hence I've ever even dropped a bike.

    This morning I was a little more brisk, a mountain fawn skittish among the foliage of cars, a naked satyr hard and prancing, on my way for Walhalla and back. I pulled a filtering u-turn for the freeway entrance, when from behind the obscuring line of stupid inner-city 4x4s comes a vehicle squeezing up the bike lane at speed. I was leant over in light motion and grabbed the front brake as I would on any 30 yr old bike I've owned up till now, but this was the Hornet, and down I went!

    Really stupid! Was quick and essentially painless, a little high-side, except the bike landed on my leg and I dragged it out hurriedly expecting sudden pain from the exhaust. So the ankle was bashed then extricated with force. My knee took a whack too, and some mild carpet burn on the back of the hand. The bike copped a bent bar (I suspect, changed it anyway), broken indicator (sticky-taped it), and scratched engine. I was a bit frazzled and so unclear on how to lift it, and the buggers just drove off around me, ignoring me (I'm increasingly hating the city!), and I was on my own for a minute or two until a guy out of a car up front, and a homeless guy, helped me out.

    All my fault - getting used to modern brakes, but moreso, failed in the golden rule that overcomes locking brakes, oil, cold tyres, other's errors, and is generally a cure-all in motorcycle safety: slow down. Slow down. Then slow down some more.

    Will give Walhalla a go tomorrow....
  2. Nice :)

    I will heed your advice.
  3. Sorry to read about your stack Matt, blasphemy in Paul's eyes no doubt, but glad it was the Hornet and not your beaut SR. If you'd spent some time riding fast in controlled conditions and getting used to dynamic changes, etc, you may have fared better when you needed to react quickly?
  4. ahh no good mate, sorry to hear about the off. Highsides are not fun. I've been lucky enough to experience the front losing it and tossing me over the top. Hope she's back on the road in no time :)
  5. Thanks guys.

    I've had in mind some crash bars, I just need to make my mind up about when the sidecar's going on (no use buying them if it's sooner than later), though those ones you linked Paul aren't badly priced.

    I think I've also done the steering head bearing. Yak, I wouldn't disagree, though this was a situation I'm familiar with (inner-city madness) - I think my main problem was simply the difference of the brakes which I'm not used too - the GR and SR would never have locked so easily, they need to be squeezed like sponges! Plus I was just riding without enough caution. But you're right; I used to be better in the twisties than I am now at the same speed - if you don't ride fast you lose certain skills - but it's just not my thing to do that. (A shame these advanced riding courses are so costly!)
  6. Hope you're feelin better, mattb
    And hope your next trip to Walhalla goes smoother than the silken touch of a spider and without flaw as the rooster crows for the dawn :)
  7. I hope so, cause this one felt like the bite of a spider and the rude awaken of that friggin' dawn bird! I just ate a whole block of chocolate (my partner's not around to see that I stay true to the...cough...Celebrity Slim way) that always makes me feel better :)
  8. so this is the first time you have dropped a bike....well all i can say is welcome to riding.....took you long enough :cheeky: :rofl:

    sounds like no damage to you, jut a bit of pride so all is good....(y)
  9. I've had in mind some crash bars, I just need to make my mind up about when the sidecar's going on (no use buying them if it's sooner than later), though those ones you linked Paul aren't badly priced.

    I paid over $200 for mine, but with the Aussie dollar at such stratospheric levels of late, they shouldn't be that much...

    They actually don't look all that bad, especially in black, and with the cost of the lower engine cases are a prety good investment.

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  10. can they be used as touring footrests to?
  11. You could attach some small pegs to them, but they are just not quite high enough, far forward enough, to be used as footrests by themselves. Visualise what you are suggesting relative to the position of the normal pegs....
  12. Ha, Hornet it looks like a stunt cage!
  13. That's what everybody tells me, but I'm too old and slow to be stunting :LOL:

    No, I bought them as engine protection bars. Renntec makes a heap of different models www.renntec.co.uk
  14. First and last time! ;)
  15. Sorry to hear of your off Matt ..
    Glad you were not badly injured.
    Kinda funny reading, as my only off happened a few mths ago at walking pace .. YEP hit the front brake with bars not at straight ahead position.