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Matt GO!!!!!!!'s 9 lives.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I got told once. " You have 9 lives...Matthew you have 7 left". This has stuck in my mind. I just got very bored sat down and wrote a list of what I consider to be a life "lost". Some of these are stupidity, some are things that are unexpected and out of the blue. I have learnt from my mistakes and would like to share em so here they are:

    In chronological order (Oldest to most recent):

    Matt GO!!!!!!!’s 9 Lives..

    1. Gold coast on a 150cc hire scooter. Did 1000km’s in 3 days, was glued to the seat during xmas time 2007. Went to nsw, which is just down road really, and mount tamorine 11 at night on boxing dayJ. Took it to seaworld and spit area for millionth time during last hour of hire. Was going bit too quick, small roundabout/traffic island ahead. Surfie kids in my lane on middle of road. Didn’t apply brakes early enough or in straight line due to having to go round surfie kids. Went just wide enough to hit sand. Dumped scooter on side. Just missed hitting massive wooden guard rails. Paint only got taken off left rear brake handle. My pride and self respect damaged. Returned scooter.

    Lesson learnt: Look ahead lots more for hazards. 150cc’s scooter brakes aren’t that strong

    2. On Mains road.Sunnybank Distracted by looking at speedo and revs too much. Drifting to right too much due to slightest left curve in road...almost hitting divider kerb. Stuck my left foot out at 90 degrees, leaned slightly and recovered. Adrenaline rush keeps me awake for the next 3days.

    Lesson Learnt: Don’t stare in awe at the tacho and speedo. Focus on goddamn road.

    3. White van on Bris M1 Im going 110kmh in fast lane. White van driver doesn’t shoulder check/ look properly, and starts moving into my line when I’m almost about to pass and level with rear of his vehice. Beep and hold horn he is 1/3 into my lane. Concrete wall is on my right so about to be sandwiched. Van driver goes back to his lane after hearing horn. My heart rate hits around 150bpm. Give the middle finger to him after I pass. Resume riding as normal.

    Lesson Learnt: Beep to survive.

    4. White Van Compton road. Driver going into my lane because his had heaps of cars infront. He didn’t notice me cause white vans have no rear windows/side windows and he didn’t look at all …I beeped before he hit me. He sticks head out window and yelled out the window “ Im sorryâ€. I yelled “ That’s ok!!!†under my helmet. I honestly don’t know why I said that’s ok. I think it was cause he yelled out sorry… Not many people do that.

    Lesson Learnt: White van drivers can have a soul and conscience.

    5. Mt Nebo. Road split funny like to the left around a medium sweeper. That distracted me from looking ahead pushed wide into light gravel and other road, bit of scare but kept going. 10 mins later. Went wide on a 40kmh corner that seemed normal till it tightened right up totally unexpected and blind corner was taking it at 50 but tightened so hard I didn’t react quick enough. Was on gravel with guard rail on my left and road on my right. Heart rate goes to 160bpm. I slow right down from then on knowing damaged trashed bike and macdonalds slave labour wages don’t mix.

    Lesson Learnt: Mt Nebo is deadly. Blind corners that tighten unexpectedly are bad. Once you have had one slip up, it messes your confidence and composure up. Slow down.

    6. ..
    7. ..
    8. ..

    9. one day…. Seeing if a Mv Agusta F4 R 312 really does 312kmh….dead..

    I hope that this had enlightened you.. Live and learn.

    Cheers from MattGO!!!!!!!
  2. good

    thanks matt a reminder to us all that we enjoy an activity with a high risk factor....

    morale of ur story...(i think) even the smallest error can have massive concequences so show caution and keep it upright..these examples could all have ended up very differently....but much glad to see ur still good ;)
  3. Lesson I learnt the hard way. Even a second is enough time to get in to trouble.
  4. just out of curiosity how long have you been riding?

    oh and glad you are still here :cool:
  5. Tightening radius bends are bad, mmmkay. *nod*
  6. Did they charge you $400 for a replacement handle?

    A few friends and I hired some scooters one day and one friend dropped it and scuffed up the side plastic panel thing a bit. The wankers took our bonds to repair the 'damage'.. all $800 worth :roll:
  7. :grin: I have been riding for about 2 months now. Previous riding experience includes a Yamaha GT 80, Bolwell Jolie 50cc .. Bolwell (Ariba)?150cc scooter experience.. did 3 days of Q ride... Now got a Honda CBR250R, which have had 2 months.

    I parked it next to their garage on the left side.. So it was difficult to inspect the other side of the bike. They went over it thorough but overlooked the missing paint on the brake lever. I dont think he noticed it. So didnt lose my $300 bond.
  8. Well written dude. I think I've been in almost all those situations you mentioned at least once.

    Except maybe the F4. :grin: Only been half that speed :cool:
  9. I'm going to keep my eyes out for you - I want to see if you land on your feet when dropped from a great height!!!

    Great read, Matt, just keep well clear of white vans and TNT trucks when you're around Mt Gravatt/Sunnybank!!