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Mats broken down!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. if anyone can help him out, (ive got no real idea whats wrong, he just called me asking for someone to call but I had no real idea)
    Hes somewhere on the monash between Drouin (sic?) and Warragul
    I can give him mobile number if you pm me :)
    He said something about clunking from his engine

  2. gives you more time to eat the evidence????
  3. got someone to help him out... all good
  4. Probably ran out of smarty cookies :LOL:
  5. So this doesn't qualify as a "rider down"?
    I'd have thought he'd be feeling REALLY down after stopping on the side of the road!

    Sorry, too good an op to pass up.
  6. Just on the odie colone to him as i type this , he's run it out of oil and sounds like he's spun a bearing or worse :shock:
    He's got some oil on the way to him but it's a 50/50 call to ride it the rest of the way home ?!

    To be cont !!
  7. yah i stole the smarties from them in a chocolate eating frenzy...

    Guess hes learnt not to check his oil in the dark again! hopefully it wont cost him too much $?
  8. sounds no good, this is why we should all get off our bikes and check our oil every time we stop at the lights...
  9. You should get off to do this? I can generally just look at the road, and there's my oil.
  10. Hmm.. not good... I sold the GPX engine...
  11. Run out of oil??? Didn't bennyboy do that a month or so ago?

    Let's hope that the legendary strength of Japanese motors assists him here.
  12. <Shudder>. I did that once about halfway down the Hotham - Dargo road. (60 k of rather isolated dirt)

    A stone had hit a banjo bolt on the oil cooler line, loosening it enough that it leaked. Tightened it up, and had *just* enough oil in a bottle in the pannier to bring the level up to the bottom of the dipstick. Very cautious ride the rest of the way.
  13. That was the lavender ride.
    I'd bought 4 jars of hand cream at the Harrietville lavender farm
    and packed them with my clothes. The vibrations of 52k of dirt made the lids unscrew. The odour was difficult to explain.
  14. What's to explain? I'm comfortable with my sexuality.
  15. argh yes we rember the smatie covered cookies matt :LOL:
    now thats funny :LOL:
    I didnt know you rode a harley like craigs chairman :LOL:
  16. Be afraid! It looks like Marty's got photos from EVERY occasion..... hmmm .... maybe the people involved would like to buy them back to protect their reputations..... could be a nice little earner!
  17. We seem to have strayed somewhat from the original meaning of this thread, I fear.

    This is not acceptable and the people responsible will be reported to the appropriate authorities.