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Matrix Reflexes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Riding on my bike towards the city and just went over the West Gate Bridge...anyway out of nowhere there's a small piece of carpet, the size of a of an A3 piece of paper gets flicked into the air and is heading directly for my head.

    Anyway everyone's seen the matrix how they dodge bullets...this was the same but better since it was me and I didn't get it :LOL:

    So far I've dodged:

    * rocks
    * plastic bags
    * flying carpet
    * piece of rubber

    Apart from cars and people and post and etc...what small objects have other people dodged?
  2. Dunno about small, but I once dodged an entire load of plastic drainpipes that fell off the back of a ute......that was fun :shock:
  3. cigarette butts :D
    peices of chain
  4. birds........ magpies mostly damn had to swire a long way to hit the f*^king thing though....... :LOL: j/k

    nope only had to dodge one bird coming straight at me
  5. Plastic bag yesterday afternoon.

    Tread of a truck tyre, as it was coming off the truck once.

    My missuses back hand on a regular basis
  6. lol @ flying carpet

    My pet hate is ciggy butts, they hit the road and shower sparks and I shit myself.

    A carful of people "of middle eastern appearance" once hooned past me and one person of moronic appearance threw a hungry jack's cup full of ice out the window which landed just in front of me, ice spreading all over the road right in my path. That was exciting.

    If I saw Eswen, I would dodge her, and then I would have dodged a JERK too.
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  8. Just missed getting hit by a water balloon once which was thrown from a passing car.
  9. Load of air con ducts in NZ
    Hit a Bird in NZ - tried to dodge it.
    Ciggy butts.
    Mc Donalds wrappers

    FR's tongue :LOL:

    A car bonnet many years ago on Geelong road (was in a car myself but still).
  10. You pissed off the Kiwis that much? :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I once dodged a fridge carton.... the cardboard box that fridges are shipped in...

    It was raining and I was behind a garbage truck.... well, one of those trucks with the big bins on top... all of a sudden the top flies open and cardboard boxes come flying out.... I dodged one, clipped another lightly, then got out of the way.... I honked the driver and made the universal sign for "You have giant cardboard boxes coming out of the back of your truck" and he returned my sign language by giving me the universal sign for "Bloody biker, why dont you stuff off"...
  12. I successfully dodged 2 out of 3 cyclists.
  13. lol
    I unsucessfully dodged - resulting in inceidents
    1 patch of oil
    1 corner
    1 patch of gravel
    1 friends brother... well actually that was sucessful dodge.
    1 washing line. ouch.
  14. A wedge-tailed eagle, but I think he was smart enough to dodge me
    And back when Mrs Hornet rode too, one night on the putty road SHE dodged a wombat, but obscured it from my view and I DIDN'T dodge it, but hit it a glancing blow. Fortunately for me and the wombat, it wasn't dangerous for either of us.
  15. I remember not too far back when I was driving to the Grampians in the 4X4 I dodged a kanagroo...damn they're big...small old skippy was nothing compared to that giant I saw :!:
  16. I've successfully dodged:

    a ladder
    a double-bed mattress
    a brick (stationary, but still)
    a hubcap (now THAT was scary!)

    I've unsuccessfully attempted to dodge

    a bloody big speed bump that wasn't there 8hrs earlier
    a mouse... or at least i THINK it was a mouse... it was small, furry and went eek..SQUISH when I hit it.
    an owl (in the car - that was messy, it hit the front corner of my old XF at about 140kph and disintegrated)