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Mating habits of cage bound humans

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Nikuya, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Maybe not the right place to put this but it is a vent of a sort.

    Has anyone else noticed the following in particular cage drivers... specifically patterns associated with drivers of particular brands.

    Holdens & Fords: Not too bad, like to "win." if its a young P-plater or a ute driver tend towards the I MUST WEIN side of driving when they see you on two wheels.

    BMW drivers tend to indicate at the last possible second but generally telegraph what they are thinking of doing before they indicate so its hard to miss.

    Mercedes drivers are far into the I MUST WEIN side of driving and will attempt to overtake you by using your lane. Dont care about the consequences and usually ignore you if you are anywhere near them as is their right. Never indicate or telegraph and are just generally arrogant on the road.

    European cars dont usually indicate at all, telegraphing or not.

    P platers in high-powered/turbo charged jap cars aren't that bad usually! they must WEIN! but they are also concerned about wrecking their precious possession so unless really baited are not that bad. I've also had the pleasure (yes, you read right) of them MOVING out of my way when filtering in peak hour traffic.

    4wd drivers usually miss the obvious signs that ANYTHING is next to them... even trucks... yes... I watched a Territory driver almost collide with a TRUCK going down Hoddle st. It was right next to them.

    Mazda drivers tend to duck and weave like bastards and never pay attention to the "do not overtake while turning" signs on vehicles. At the next set of lights, the crane driver and I shared a giggle after hearing a wretch enducing SCREECH from the previous corner as an impatiant mazda driver decided to ignore said sign and didn't hear the noise due to the tecno being play SO LOUD that I could hear if over the sound of my bike and the crane.

    Toyota Corolla drivers should be shot. preferably in a line to save on ammo.

    It's also worth noting that if someone merges with your lane and their indicator stays on its a good indication (pun not really intended) of how much attention they are paying to the world around them.

  2. That's because every time they try to indicate, their wipers turn on.

    that is all.
  3. As a whole I find P-plate drivers to be more switched on than older road users and also more courteous, even if they MUST WEIN!!! lol

    nobody ever tries to race me on my ninja for some raison :/
  4. a tarago is not a 4wd... You offend us all!

    it's a bongo van.
  5. I drive a Corolla from time to time :(
  6. Since you also ride a bike we'll allow you to stand at the back of the line of Corolla drivers being shot ok? :angel:
  7. I think we should just burn and destroy every car in australia and give every one bikes, the vent forum will be filled with some bastard cut me off in there fireblade/gsxr/r1/cb etc threads.
  8. Most of my driving is in the south. I only have problems with 4WD's at school time, because they're driven by women that lack the physical capabilities to drive large vehicles like that in an urban situation, and, you may have guessed it, **** WICK KNUCKLE DRAGGING TRADIES RACING TO THEIR DESTINATION AS THEY "BUILD AUSTRALIA". DIE YOU FKN PRICKS, CLOSE TO 50% OF YOU DRIVE LIKE DICKHEADS.

    Oh...excuse me :(


    "When it rains, everyone drives like a ********". haha.

    And with that I'm off to enjoy some awesome riding weather.
  9. Already been. Park is nice atm, no cops around either. That part may change though.
  10. Yeah, I woke up this morning and realised I had confused Tarago with Territory. Changing original post.
  11. Might be because of where I live and every second car is a huge bloody behemouth 4WD. One in ten have actually tackled something more than a gravel driveway. I feeeken hate them with a passion. And the idiots that buy them.
    What happens to sane rational people when they get behind the wheel of these things.
    I have to do the Malaney Kenilworth Eumundi back to the coast run at least once a week. And at least once a week a tosser in a 4wd will come around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road. Or worse feel he has to over take my students and sit in the middle of the pack. FFS Or sit right up their ass's.
    Thes pigs are at least 2.5 ton and have the brakes of a Corolla and the handling ability of a drunken sailor.
    They make us qualify to ride a decent powered bike. yet any fool from a L plater onwards can get in one of these thiings and have no idea on braking distances or how bad they actually handle. FAIL I hate them more than any Volvo driver. At least I can see around or through him.
  12. Get in line buddy [-([-(
  13. I drive a Forester and I clean up every motorcyclist I see so that I can read more entertaining threads on Netrider.
  14. ROFL. Although, do my observations seem to ring true in most instances?
  15. Rofl, so true. Especially about the P platers and the ricey drivers. Us motorcyclists share a scary number of traits with the skyline/wrx/supra drivers out there.
  16. It was great Saturday, Sunday only 1 officer at the entrance, but far too much traffic. Both days I ran into 'go fast' P-platers :|
  17. I didn't go today, only yesterday morning. Didn't pass a car the whole way - I wasn't going fast but. Passed a few cyclists though.
  18. Camry drivers are the modern day Volvo drivers. To them a car is a small lounge room that happens to be able to move location.

    Cerato drivers are like Camry drivers, but don't even rate reliability.

    Captivas are the Ceratos of the SUV world.
  19. Us Mercedes drivers just want to keep you on your toes...
    Think fast!
  20. My favourite quote is that Camry drivers are people who have finished life and are waiting to die. Can't remember who said that.