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Mates rates for HART licence course - any takers?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by trinity, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Is anyone interested in doing their licence at HART Kilsyth this month? They are offering $50 off on weekdays if you book with a mate ie $180. Not even sure if they have any vacancies yet but if anyone is interested let me know.

  2. I was looking at HART to do my Ps this month.
    I checked out ARMSTRONG and they have mates rates there too.
    When were you planning on going for the test?
    I my 3 months are up on the 21st of September.
  3. I was thinking towards the end of the month. My 3 months were up in june but I didn't have a bike & hadn't been riding, figure another couple of weeks & I should be right.
  4. yes im very interested but according to this they are booked out for september :(
  5. Bugger! Knew I shouldv'e done something sooner. I'll call tomorrow & see if they'll honour this offer they've sent me a bit longer. Maybe we can get enough people to fill a whole class & get cheaper rates :grin:
  6. the offer is on the website available to anyone who wants to do their courses during the week s if you book for october it will still have the same deal.
  7. If there are still some openings and you are still up for going then PM me. I'd be in for a weekday course at the end of September. Would be in for October as well but just depends on the date since my Finals are in October.
  8. I'll be up for it in October.