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Featured Mates, gangs and image

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tony Hastings, May 20, 2015.

  1. Interesting article on the birth of motorcycle gangs: http://mashable.com/2015/05/18/1947-hollister-bike-riot/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link
    It suggests that a bit of showing off and mucking about led to a sensationalist article, which portrayed motorcyclists as hooligans. The movie "the Wild One" then went further in portraying the tough, outlaw biker image.
    A motorbike is simply a two-wheeled vehicle. People have generated stereotypes of various bike riders; the outlaw Harley rider, the mad, thrill-seeking sports-biker, the latte sipping scooter rider, or whatever. Then it seems people try to conform to the stereotype, for example all road gear is black, apparently because that's what people buy.
    In other parts of society, say club sports, we build the sport by encouraging and supporting newcomers. We try to be friendly, offer tuition and make them feel welcome. That doesn't seem to be the case here.
    At Netruder, people are very quick to come out with rude put-downs, mockery and judgements. There's even a thread attempting to ridicukle learner riders. Is this people trying to build their outlaw image?
    Are motorcycle gangs really the criminals some media would have us believe, or just a bunch of mates who enjoy riding and hanging out together?

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  2. Every sport/hobby has its arseholes.
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  3. This particular thread ran out of puff pretty quickly and was a non event really. Just someone having memory lapse about being a learner once. The day I start listening to someone's ridicule is the day they can produce a birth certificate stating that they were born on a bike.
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  4. I was liking the thread at the start. . . . But not anymore. I agree with the above. You'll find a dickhead anywhere. But only if you're trying to find them. You'll find great people at the heart and soul of everything but it's always the arseholes that people focus on.
    Where is this thread attempting to ridicule learner riders?
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  5. This is about as good an answer as you'll get for the questions you've asked. There are lots of MC groups out there, they range from facebook meets all the way up to international outlaw MC clubs; some of them are very positive for the community, other's aren't.

    And yes, some people do like to buy into stereotypes... I'm very sad that most MC gear is black :(
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  6. My guess it's the 'Dumb things learners do/say' thread that occurred a few weeks back. Some people will see that as laughing at themselves and 'in good humour' others will see it as ridicule. Neither is wrong, just different ways of perceiving things.
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  7. It's all good humour until someone gets dirt on the OP. Then it's just plain wrong
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  8. I don't think that's true. I've both experienced and witnessed a great deal of encouragement & advice in my short riding career to date. I had a local rider set up a practise MOST test and run through it with me. And there's more on offer in the city, with experienced riders often giving up time freely to help (eg. Melbourne's Sunday practise sessions).

    There's a certain amount of that. Motorcyclists are a somewhat reviled minority, and this generates, and attracts people with preexisting, fcuk-you attitudes. There are some hot-button topics which evoke irritated responses, eg. re hi-viz gear and ABS. But I've seen the very same people who are rude on these topics be enormously helpful to beginners in other areas.

    Road use in general is contested terrain (check out the comments on any online article about cycling). Add to that a bit of the anti-authoritarianism associated with motorbikes and you have a sometimes fiery mix. But I wouldn't let that blind you to the support and encouragement that's out there.
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  9. Yes, agree with this. The best advice I got was from the very person who started the thread in question. That one piece of advice made such a huge difference to my riding. The other stuff....as ReesaReesa said, it comes down to perception. I read it, had a laugh and moved on.
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  10. I'm fairly sure it's supposed to go "the latte sipping Ducati rider" and scooter insults tend to be more along the lines of offensive comments about the riders lack of masculinity :)
  11. Is there another way to drink latte? :)
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  12. You mean without riding a Ducati at the same time?:D
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  13. I usually get it "direct injected" into my veins. You're telling me this is not how it's done?
  14. It depends. What bike were you riding while being injected?
  15. Do bikes other than Ducatis come with an intravenous caffeiene injection system?
  16. Has the person who wrote this ever had white riding gear???
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  17. sometimes i like to branch out and sip a cappuccino after riding my ducati
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  18. You rebel!!! it's people like you that give all riders a bad name :)
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  19. You're right, i'd better pull myself into line before "Life" Magazine dubs me an outlaw.
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  20. I'm into something slightly more exotic ...
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