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Mates' bikes-who do you ride with?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by something_wild, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. We all know our particular bike is the best thing going 'round.....after all we chose them, so they must be :)
    But what do the guys you ride with, ride??

    The 3 other mates bikes I regularly ride with are a blue/white k9 gixxer 750, a red/black 954 Blade, and a yellow 1098. Although all supersport bikes, they're all quite different which makes it fun when we swap!
    We're all atgatt and have similar riding attitudes so It's always a ball getting out with them!

  2. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    The people I ride with regularly ride the following (I'll include the sex of the rider).

    Buell - male
    Ducati ST3 - Male
    Speed Triple - female (she also has a GS650)
    SV650 - female
    900 Hornet - female (she also has a 696 Monster)
    XJR1300 - male
    VT750 - male
    GPX250 - female
    XV750 Virago - female (sold RF900)
    Suzuki Marauder - male
    VT1100 - female
    Triumph America - male
    Triumph Thunderbird - male
    GS1200 - female
    FZ6N - male
    R1100R - male (also has a spider)
    XV1000 - male
    R1 - male
    GS500 - male

    Some are ATGATT, some ATAGATT, others wear what ever they are comfortable in on the day.
  3. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    Why not.
    Kwaka Z1000
    Honda Varadero
    Street Triple
    Daytona 675
    Kwaka Z750
    and my 950SM.
    Have swapped with a two or three but probably not worth the complications nowadays (what does that sound like? :D)
  4. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    Boulevard M50
    DR600 / GSXR750 - Same rider
    Hyosung Comet 250
    Superduke 690

    A couple others that are mates of mate (came along for the last ride, so only a once off so far):

    Speed Triple
  5. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    Street Triple
    KTM 990 Superduke R
    GSXR 1000
    VTR 1000
    CBR 1000

    I am on a VFR 800 but have to say that I am liking the nakeds :)
  6. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    Yes, it sounds exactly like that :D

    Would you believe I really don't care what my mates ride? I only know a couple of bikes "personally", being the CBR1000 and two different ZZR1100s, oh and the Speed Triple (or is it the Street? See, I don't really care...).

    Others I've met only once but the bikes stick in my mind, such as Tim's 'fightered animal (old CB1000?) with paint over stickers, or Grace's ratted Across...
  7. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    I ride alone ... sometimes with mates ... other times I tag on to groups and see what roads they may introduce me too .. but mostly it's just me and the voices in my head .
  8. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    ^^ like that.
    except the voices in my head sometimes get mad and give me the silent treatment.
    the rare occasion i ride with someone repeatedly, one has a k2 (i think) gixxer6, another has a gsf750
    everyone else i've ridden with has been a one off. i don't get to ride socially much
  9. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    I don't do group rides anymore.
  10. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    I ride with all sorts - bikes, trikes, LAMS and scooters.
  11. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    A mate has the exact same bike as me. Mine is still better....
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  12. Re: Mates bikes-who do you ride with?

    all my riding buddies are motarded
  13. I don't have any friends :(
  14. One riding buddy = one ZZR (y)
  15. Eh I don't have many riding buddies :( but I've been on a couple rides with a couple of guys:

    - Ducati 850 (some heavily modified dog from the 70's)
    - Ninja 600
    - Triumph Bonneville '69 (my dad)

  16. That explains why you're going camping with your wife and kid. :D
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  17. ...well....

    2001 Yamaha R1
    1990 Kawasaki ZZR1100
    1992 Kawasaki KLE500
    2007 Loncin MX250PY

    ..all the same guy! (partner).. :D

    Just depends on which one he's riding!... 8-[
  18. a few mates with things like a speed triple, z1000, fz1, 1098, gsxr & cbr, standard sporty faired and non faired bikes. A few older mates from school etc that raced proddy/superstock/fx whatever, so had/have 2 strokes and mainly sports bikes as well.

    Thing is nearly all my family ride a harley, cousin + his son, bro in law, sisters ex husband and my sons godfather. Well 2 of them have vrods, the others some sort of harley. I am the youngest of our family in my generation and I'm 40, so the oldest would be almost 60 now.