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mate hit by a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jarrod84, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. After reading posts on here for a few weeks now since getting my L's and reading about woeful 'cage' drivers on the roads...i now have my own to contribute.

    Was on my second ever ride today (got bike registerd yesterday) with my mate whos been riding about 12 months. Turning right in a roundabout a young bloke on his P's failed to give way and my mate who was riding in front rode straight into his drivers door, throwing him straight over the car!

    My mate is relatively fine, has a few grazes and possibly a broken hand but could have been a lot worse. His helmet was not in good shape afterwards. The bike (XR 250) looks to have mainly cosmetic damage, but since the front wheel hit the car it will need a closer inspection

    Luckily we were only travelling at about 20km/h otherwise things could have been a lot different.

    A real eye opener for my second ride, just goes to show you dont have to be in the wrong to come undone

    Cheers, Jarrod
  2. Hey mate,

    I hope your mate is ok, would have been a shocker seeing it unfold.
    Sure as hell opens my eyes just hearing it.

    Hope yourself and him, are alright.
  3. sorry to hear about it, glad he is relatively ok though.
    take the bike to a mechanic, get it checked out properly. an impact like that can easily damage the forks, rim as you mentioned, the frame even.
    hope the P plater had insurance.
    check his pockets too, damage to mobile phone etc, claim it all.

    i hate pricks at roundabouts who dont give way :evil:
  4. damn that sucks, where abouts did this happened? its good to hear his alright, bloody roundabouts are dangerous, alot of people dont give way at all either.
  5. lucky for you and your mate everyone is ok,
    I hope you exchanged details with the driver and mentioned the incident to the boys in blue, just to cover your asses.

    but at the end of the day any off you can walk away from is a good (or not so bad) one
  6. as nibs said, get everything checked, go to doctor (well, obviously he has if his hand is sore) for TAC stuff i believe.

    always gotta watch out for roundabouts. gotta love those who go through em without slowing
  7. unfortunate incident but sounds like he is ok.

    I remember when i went for my p's the instructor enforced the theory that you should ride like everyone is out to get you i.e. defensively

    definintely something all riders should do!
  8. It happened on one of the main roads thru Roxburgh Park (Melb).

    He has been to the hospital and has a broken bone in his left hand (lucky :jerk: ) and a cast from fingertips to elbow for the next 4 weeks!

    Luckily he wasnt too badly hurt, and should serve as a lesson to all riders no matter how experienced you are that shit can go wrong
  9. Good to hear he's all right.

    It'll be another reminder to all of us to never assume *anything*! (As in this case, the car driver giving way.)
  10. Glad things are ok everything considered.
    The lesson you should be taking from this is its no good being in the "right" but having a broken bike or body. Treat all intersections with caution and be prepared to stop or take evasive action even if you are in the "right" Especially in suburbs where English is not even the 10th language spoken. :roll:
  11. a similar thing happened to my mate the sunday... difference is i was the experienced guy he was the 2 week old rider. he stopped at a set of lights i had gone through and a guy behind him didnt stop in time, cops, ambo's and such.

    in case the guys reading btw mango has decided to continue riding after the initial shock, so no harm done (in the greater scheme of things), i hope your cars alright.
  12. :eek:

    Gosh! I hope you are ok and your mate makes a speedy recovery! Gees there are some weirdoes on the roads...

    Be safe dude!

    Dnt stop riding!!
  13. Glad you mate is ok. about a week ago on bridgewater road there was a bike that had gone into a car at a roundabout. That wasnt your mate was it?
  14. Good to hear he's okay. Ish.
    tell me he supermanned at least :LOL:
  15. I had a similar experience over 12 years ago. Make sure you get the best doctors you can find. Money is no object as TAC are footing the bill. I thought I had a simple broken wrist, but six operations and 12 years later it is still ***ked. The main reason is that the first botched it but at least said its too hard go to a speacialist. Then the specialist botched it again so I found a specialist wrist surgeon who repaired the damage they caused. There are a few hand therapy places around that do rehab for wrist and hand injurys. Call a few of them and ask who they think the best doctors/surgeons are in the field.
    All of this may not apply to your mate, but these are things I learnt the hard way.
    Some more advice: See a solicitor who specialises in TAC claims. Fortunately I did see a solicitor before TAC tried to bend me over.

    Even if it turns out to be nothing, better to be sure.
  16. Sorry to hear about your friend.

    Whever I approach a round about I always slow down if a car is approaching or view is obstructed. This way I make sure the driver sees me or if he doesn't I can easily slow down.

    I don't think its a good idea going through roundabouts assuming the other driver _should_ be giving way....
  17. Now... this is a point of dispute, but wouldn't this almost quite clearly be your mates fault? (edit: I just read your post again and figured out your mate rode into the driver's car door... so forget that I said it was his fault - you can discount most of the rest of my post now!)

    If he drove into the door of a car, that would mean to me that the car was in the roundabout before your mate = driver gets right of way.

    The other side to that is (and much argued) the driver was presumably to your mate's right, and thus assumed right of way (I believe lots of 'older' drivers believe that RoW is always to the guy on the right) - which i vaguely believe is incorrect if I can recall my driving lessons from years ago. I think the first at the Roundabout gets right of way technically these days.

    Regardless this is proof alone that you need to play chicken at roundabouts.

    In my first week of riding I had to do an emergency stop and skid on my bike going into a roundabout (that was vision obstructed to the right) and possibly could have been hit had the car driver coming in from the right not been on the ball. That simple exercise made me realise oh shit I have to play these careful, never zoom through a roundabout, even in a car, let alone a bike. I'm still amazed though that now I walk to work the same route (close enough to do that now) I ALWAYS see people zoom through this blind roundabout willy nilly, which would have massive disastrous results with bad timing. Cars and bikes alike.