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Matching VIN and motor number??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Hey every one.

    I have won a bid on ebay recently on this cheapy yammy, how ever, the VIN and motor number is the same according to the owner, gave it a revs check and I got a no rta record, owner used it as a paddock basher so that explains, how ever, I have never seen matching ID numbers, can that be possible? or is the owner in error, he has a good ebay record so im sure its legit, just wanna run it by you guys first.

  2. In the past numerous bikes came with matching numbers, up until sometime around 1980. I don't know much about a REVS check, but could it not appear simply because it was registered in another state? I had to wait for a long sweaty half hour at Vic Roads, as they faxed Darwin, becuase my new bike I wanted registered appeared on no ther state's records. Lucky last NT came through for me!

  3. Ah! cheers mate! thats nice to know. :grin:
  4. You'll find a lot of older (pre 1980's bikes) that you should be looking for matching numbers. For old Nortons, BSA's etc it may drop the value significantly if they aren't.
    e.g this advert for a Very nice clean original bike with matching numbers.
  5. And that was a very nice example! Thinking of it? I just cannot understand how people will gladly pay ten to fifteen grand for a modern bike and these things are sitting around for seven! The moment I get a decent income happening....
  6. <thread hijack warning>
    That web site is always worth visiting. I bought my old K series from them and it was like walking into a museum when I went there. THey always have s wonderful range of low mileage classic bikes. Mind you there's some truly evil bikes there. The early Mach III Kawasakis and the first model Yamaha 650 XS1 are guaranteed suicide machines if you push them hard. :evil:
    <end hijack>
  7. matching numbers ok on early Yammy's, in Vic to register MUST have Aussie rego history or at least ADR compliance plate (post 1975) or no joy so check with RTA if you intend to get full rego cheers
  8. So if they can't find a history, but it's got the ADR plate, it can be registered? Is there a further process or they do it without further ado? What is the case with pre-1975 bikes?