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matching helmet/bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ylwgtr, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. I just finished painting my helmet to match the RG500 that i have...one day i will finally get around to putting it in the office for display purpose instead of riding it!The pics are a little dark but you get the idea.....What do you think?Hours and hours went into it


  2. Top job mate! Another avenue to the business maybe??

  3. Heh thats awsome :cool:
  4. Great job! Looks trick. :grin:
  5. That I like, both the bike and the paint-job on the helmet, well done :).
  6. That is very cool. :cool:
  7. Holy fork that's a fantastic result!

    Can i ask how you did it?
  8. very hot mate!
  9. Thanks guys...i am pretty happy with it although i need to give a it a tune up in a couple of small places...all in all its pretty good....I bought a new white helmet then stripped it,rubbed it down and ran my stripes with fine line masking tape,then i taped up all the white areas and then the individual colours last...i did it that way so i paint the black first,then taer the tape off from where the grey goes and run masking film over the black then continue to do the same until its all base coated,then i caferfully removed the tape from the white and the fineline tape and cleared it to seal it all off.....after that i rubbed it all down so the lines between the colours are all smooth.Next i spent a few hours on the computer making the decals,fitted them and re cleared it......Pretty much the way we do harley stuff.... i just have to rub it down now so the decals feel smooth then reclear and assemble it and its done...
  10. And of course refit the ADR sticker! :roll: :LOL:

    Does stripping it back like that have a detrimental effect on the helmet?
  11. Yep - looks good! But yeah, how about the integrity of the helmet? Or is that just helmet manufacturer BS?
  12. All the other girls should like it too. Maybe your next knitting club project can be a scarf in the same colours.


    [Dan skulks away quickly]
  13. I dont need the goverment to tell me that the helmet is good enough :D

    All i done was take the rubber seals,airvent/visor off...no big deal
  14. no...actually my next project is to machine up the blank crankcase cast's we had made for 4x RGV250 cylinders :D...rest assured there is more testosarone (<-----dictionary anyone?) in our shop than there is in russia's olympic womens swimming team :D
  15. Mate where do you live and how much? :LOL: :LOL:

    Top job, I'd love to do that to my own!
  16. That looks awesome mate!

    Well done. :wink:

  17. That looks fantastic.

    I reckon it would be a pretty good business avenue, I know I would pay for.

    Everyone buys a helmet that fits nice and is nice on the wallet, and gets a custom job to match their bike - instead of chasing a helmet that may not be the most practical just because it matches.

    Imagine having one to match the "50th Anniversary Colours of the 20006 R1" - that would look hot.

    Even a full Red one with "Ducati"

    hmmm, the possibilities!

    Anyways, looks great mate!