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Matching air filter with K&N/reusable equivalent

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ad91on, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi yall.

    The Across (1992 gsx250f for the technical of mind) needs a new air filter.

    They are becoming harder and harder to find so i want a reuseable one.

    K&N doesn't have one listed. How can i figure out what one i can replace it with? just measurements and what not?

    Is there anything better i could replace it with? i.e sponge type?

  2. given they're still a popular learner bike zooki should still be able to source them
    tried o/s retailers???
  3. They can still source them, but i'm just interested in replacing it once and once only really.

    If i can't get an easy fit/fix though, i'll just go back to them... i guess an air filter every 15,000 ain't bad...
  4. It's a regular cylinder like one, but i'm sure that would fit anyway.

    They have the universal ones, i'm sure that one of them would work i just need to figure out which one.
  5. The search-by-measurements function on the K&N website is pretty nifty; shouldn't be too hard to match your OEM piece.
  6. Hi there, I believe I'm in a similar predicament to you - trying to find a good replacement filter for my Across.

    The Across actually uses the same air filter as the GS-500. There are two different part numbers you may find floating around for Suzuki's OEM air filter. One part number superseded the other, but it's otherwise the same item.

    After some searching, I found out that K&N make a filter, part number SU-5589, that supposedly is compatible with the disposable OEM filter. However, when I compared the listed dimensions of the KN filter with my measurements for the stock filter, there was a slight mismatch, and it would either not fit into the airbox, or be a very tight fit. I wasn't willing to shell out the $50 for the filter, only to find out it wouldn't fit, though I do need to remeasure it and see just how close it is.

    However, for about $30 you can buy air filters from a company called Unifilter - who also make reusable air filters similar to the K&N ones. The part number you're after is NU-2453. Basically however, any air filter compatible with the GS-500 should also fit the Across.

    Basically I'm yet to decide whether to fork out the extra for the KN filter, or go with the Unifilter. Both can be found on ebay (though they ship from the US so it may take a while to arrive). I'll let you know what I end up going with, and let you know how it fits so you can decide whether to get a KN filter or a Unifilter.
  7. I should also mention, regardless of whether you go with a KN or Unifilter, you may have to get an airflow restricter. If you don't, too much air will get into the carbs and the fuel-air mixture will run lean, which will eventually kill your engine. The other alternative is to rejet your carbs to allow more fuel through, but this may be tricky if you don't have the technical know how, or expensive if you get a shop to do it.
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  8. Hmm, just an update. I ended up buying a Unifilter from the States, model nu-2453. The filter itself fits into the airbox no problems, but the screw holes don't line up with the airbox's holes. I got around this simply by drilling the holes out to make them wider/open them up towards the edge a bit further and you're able to get the holes to line up properly. If you're worried about creating a good seal, just use some extra wide washers or something.