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Match your face to a dog that would suit you

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. http://www.doggelganger.co.nz/

    Interesting and amusing site that matches your facial characteristics with their database to come up with a suitable match
  2. Crack up mate !
    Can't recall which dog type it was..but the part I'm mostly not proud of ?
    It was a she :eek:
  3. good fun
  4. oh come on...a staffy??
  5. Surprising, I got matched with a Boxer.

  6. Ridgeback cross Saffie, male, 6months old!!
    Mixed up kid,,,,Yeah, pretty right!
  7. Mastiff cross, female, 18 months.
  8. Having trouble with my webcam image being upside down, switching the "vertical flip" option on in the settings does nothing, I guess flash doesn't like my webcam, I'll have to upload a picture when I can be bothered.
  9. Australian kelpie.......
    Just call me red dog... hahaha
  10. Yep I got the Australian Kelpie as did my son
    chip off the old block :)
  11. My match...a 1 year old female Staffodshire Bull Terrier...name Sheila. Had to be female :(
  12. nyawwwww my dog is so cute i just have to have one now.

    Cool site.
  13. Bugger.... I don't mind being a 14 month old female Mastiff cross, but I draw the line at being a bloody Kiwi
  14. Siberian husky, certainly wasn't matched by any thick hair up top
  15. Hmmm I dunno

    what do you reckon ?

    Attached Files:

  16. I can see the resemblance
  17. After plugging in the photo again, I got this as well.

    Man, had I not seen pics of dogs etc I would have thought it was a dating site !!!!!
    "Hi, I can be shy at times but am looking for an experienced 'owner' to help bring back my confidence..."

    And yes...she was a real dog....

  18. Yes, it's quite uncanny isn't it?
  19. Someone should take a picture of their dog and see what result they get.
  20. i put in a picture of my male 4 year old Shepherd X Ridgeback and it matched it with a female 4 month old Heeler.

    Don't know about it being a match but he will hump it without a second thought.