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Masterchef motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hoski, May 10, 2011.

  1. Anyone else see the wonderfully gratuitous shot of a shiny red Triumph (Thruxton I think) on Masterchef last night as the entrants arrived at the official kitchen? One of the competitors even sat on it for a while. Wonder if Triumph paid for product placement????

  2. Sure did - was watching TV with Mrs K (also known as "foreplay" at our house...) and pointed out the nice Trumpy to her...
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  3. She get's turned on by food?

    You need to cook man!
  4. Oh I cook Devo - whatever she wants, whenever she wants it ;)
    But what REALLY turns her on, is when I clean up afterwards...
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  5. But that would require you to... clean up after yourself. Who in their right mind would do that?
  6. I know snuffer - I prefer not to think about it, but instead concentrate on why I'm doing it...
  7. I'm surprised she doesnt call you minuteman..
  8. I reckon the bike is George's. His scooter wasn't there, perhaps he has seen the light.
  9. London to a brick they did. Masterchef is considered a marketing/advertising model.

  10. Fantastic to see , although it was the wrong colour SILVER , SILVER I SAY !!!
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    He's gone back to the vespa this year.

  12. Matt Moran rides a Ducati and I think Gary Mehigan has a BMW (he's a BMW ambassador)
  13. Nah I think it might be Gary's....he had a Bonnie last year.....and I couldn't Imagine Matt Preston on one....he might he might get his scarfe (cravatte?) caught in the chain...with his size, he'd look more like Magilla Gorrilla.

    I don't reckon George would be able to touch the ground:bannanabutt:


  14. Gary Mehigan Master Chef and self-confessed revhead is planning to create a show for the LifeStyle channel.

    "It would be just a couple of chefs on motorbikes riding up and down the east coast, meeting other riders, riding with them and then cooking them a nice meal," he revealed to The Courier-Mail's Motoring Editor Mark Hinchliffe.

    "I need to find a reason to have the bikes in the program."

    The MasterChef Australia judge, who already has form with the LifeStyle channel with his shows Boys Weekend and Good Chef, Bad Chef, worked as a chef in London from 1983-91 zipping around from cafe to cafe on a Honda CX500 then a Honda VF400F, much like Jamie Oliver does on his scooter, or "skoot-ah" as he calls it.

    "It's so much easier getting around London or any big city on a bike than a car," he said. "I was always on bikes, even in the winter. I was the king of Dubbin (wax weatherproof material), with thermal underwear underneath. We didn't have the all-weather gear we have now."

    Mehigan has only just returned to motorcycles after a six-year break, with his daughter Jenna now aged 10.

    "I bought a Triumph Thruxton; something sensible after not being on a bike for a long time," he said. "I looked at sportsbikes and I said I'm 44 and I need to tone it down and behave myself."

    Mehigan has attended bike lessons and is a regular at track days to hone his skills.
  15. Sounds like a rip off of the hairy bikers show on SBS
  16. And Australian TV never rips off British shows....cough...Masterchef...cough
  17. Has anyone else noticed that the tarmac driveway leading up to the front doors always seems to be wet....?

    Maybe something to do with being 'fresh' - "Hell, if we wash the driveway for every shot it'll look like we are super clean cut, fresh chefs!..!" LMAO....

    Either that or I'm seeing things!
  18. I think they only took that shot once and reuse it again and again. Shhhhh don't tell anyone.
  19. Yeah I wondered that, but in each new episode they drop the people off or whatever it's still dripping wet....I can understand the 'stock' shots they use but yeh, as each week goes by the contestants change obviously and the tarmac is always wet (noticed this in last series too...)
  20. So, a bit of product placement and Gary gets a cheap Thruxton then. Hmmm, shame I'm not on telly.