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Masterchef final

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Roaster, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. I normally hate reality game shows, but masterchef hooked me in good and proper.

    Good on Julie for winning - $100k plus training in the top restaurants in oz is pretty sweet. I reckon the real money will be made when she puts out a cook book - she is the peoples hero, an average working mum with 3 kids and a lot of average working mums will be inspired by her story.

    Poh and Justine can mash my potatoes any day of the week.

    There is a bit of hoo hah about the final being rigged and the result being pre-determined but I think on the night Julie was the clear winner. The taste test she won - no question about that. The chook dish really showed her growth and development as a cook - she went for a much more complicated dish than poh, and I think the 1 point difference appreciated the fact that they were both delicious but that Poh went for the safer more familiar option whereas Julies transformation from meat and 3 veg mum cook to gourmet goddess with the chicken in procutto was clear. The choco challenge was a bit closer - Poh's tart was clearly superior but I think tempering the chocolate half pipe was the real challenge and Julie nailed it - the choco was glossy and snapped nicely, whereas pohs was a bit dull and soft.

    Whether she was the most talented chef in the comp is hard to say, but I think she clearly won last nights challenges.

    Anyone else see the final? What did you think?

  2. First of all, it's a TV show, so we only got to see what they wanted us to see. Nearly 120 people saw the final filmed on the second of July, 17 days ago, and they were all sworn to secrecy (which they honoured), so what ELSE were the cast and crew sworn to secrecy about that we DON'T know about?

    Secondly, in five years time, if I was a betting man, I would bet that neither of the finalists will be in the business. Only Chris is likey to be still cooking, because it fits in with his business plan, but even he will be RUNNING the business, and paying other people to produce his food for his clients.

    Thirdly, unless there was a conspiracy of massive proportions, driven by a fiendishly complex spreadsheet, it's hard to see that the finalists were not there as a result of their abilities, but as the result of a set-up (although many, myself included, questioned the fairness on the contestants of bringing back people who'd already been booted).

    As a result of the (I think) honesty of the process, we avoided having a classic male/female final, or some other Big-Brother-esque stunt at the end.

    And it's already spawned plans for expansion; a celebrity Master-Chef for sportsmen, for example, would be a shoo-in for Matty Hayden....
  3. Just another boring "reality" TV show. :mad:
  4. My top three was backwards. Still think Chris should have won. I reckon Donna Hay was the key in getting Julie through. She might have been better last night but she WASN'T better than Chris when he got eliminated. FFS she didn't even finish!
  5. master chef was like watching a perfectly good cooking show being repeatedly raped by a reality tv producer

    It was big brother & the biggest looser with chefs hats on.

    But people still seem to be willing to watch a 1hour show and getting 10 minutes of action and 50mins of "recaps" and "opinions".

    Good on them for knowing what to cash in on the lowest common denominator.
  6. We watched the whole series (the most ch 10 we've ever watched).
    Good on Julie.
    Chris was robbed.
    Justine can cook my breakfast any time :)
  7. I usually watched the show becuase well it was better then the other crap that was on.

    I did rather the Poh one because she looked better and was more creative.
    Though that been said, I couldn't see either of them holding up to the preasure that is in a real kitchen. Couldn't see Julie lasting long at all.

    As mentioned before the amout of fcuking recaps in the show was rediculous.
  8. yeah I think chris was a better cook and was surprised that he was not in the final.
  9. ... with semi-underqualified, overly-dramatic, arrogant judges who shit me.

    Honestly; if I had to cook for those f***bags, I'd be out in the first round for trying to poison them.
  10. I think Chris's food on that day just wasnt up to standard, after all if it didnt taste as good as julies or pohs then i think its fair enough he went out.

    on the other hand Julie will not stand up to the pressure of a commercial kitchen at any level, Poh might handle it but out of the 3 finalists I think Chris was the one who could handle the pressure of an a la carte restaurant and that is what really counts.
  11. :LOL:
  12. yeah I agree for sure - julie just got too flustered when the clock was ticking. Poh looked pretty good under pressure but chris looked the most professional of them all.

    But I guess that is the joy of a knockout comp - it is all down to one's performance on the day and although the best may not necessarily win, the result can't be denied.

  13. Lucas should have won...........everyone else was rubbish :LOL:
  14. Matt Preston just said, "If it had been rigged, Justine would have won." :rofl:

  15. :LOL:

  16. I'm happy for Julie,

    But I was hoping for a Poh vs Chris final.

    I like how Julie said she would like to cook "unpretentious" food, so that counts out that last chocolate dish then. :grin:
  17. So did we .. first reality show we really enjoyed watching.
    Also found it full of great tips and ideas.
    I didn't like Chris .. too damn cocky, but yes a good cook
    Good one Jules!!!
    +1 ( justine )
  18. You idiot, did you even watch it. It was nothing ilke big brother and the biggest loser.
    Through the entire show everyone was saying that is why it was good, there was actually NO bitching or back stabbing.
  19. touchey lad you are.

    yes i did watch an episode or two.

    The reason it was like Big Brother and The Biggest Loser (which I believe i explained well enough for the rest of the class) was the ridiculouse amount of "recapping" and "story telling" and lack of actual content.

    ie. something happens, then they pan to a shot of Poh saying "and then the judges walked in and something happened"

    then a shot of chris "so something was happening ..."

  20. I agree with the critics. Julie should have been tossed when she couldn't cook two pies in two hours.

    Poh got kicked and came back... nuff said.

    Should have been between Chris, Julia and Justine.