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Master cylinders...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by koma, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. The plan is to fit some 'different' calipers to the front end of my FZR1000. Thankfully Yamaha are nice enough to use the same mounting points on the fork legs on the R1's right up until 2003 so i've got a set of calipers sorted, but now of course i'm on the hunt for the rest of the kit.

    Now as i understand it i could quite easily just leave the FZR1000 master cylinder (5/8") there and it would work, but it would result in a rather wooden feel as the compression ratio is ~18:1. Obviously the best master cylinder to use would be an R1 MC which is a 14mm unit, but given i havent had much luck finding one at a reasonable price i've all but given up on that. A 14mm MC will result in a compression ratio of ~23:1 which is smack bang on perfect.
    So, anyone know any other bikes that use a 14mm master cylinder?
    I've been told that the Kawasaki ZZR250 uses a 14mm MC, but any others that would be a little more uprated for what i want to use it for? I know the Ducati 916's Brembo MC would be perfect, but again price and availability are major issues.

    Secondly, anyone know a decent place in Melbourne to get braided lines made up to to fit? I'm really keeping this on the budget end of the spectrum so even second handers off an R1/R6 would be ok; as long as they resemble ADR. :grin:

    Any other thoughts, suggestions, words of wisdom?