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Massive wait on Ninja

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by noodles55, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. After 3 and a half weeks of waiting for my new 2011 Ninja 250r I was finally informed after I called the dealership everyday for a week, that it is going to be another month wait. So I got my deposit back and decided to get the new CBR250R which I can pick up tomorrow night.

    Has anyone else been in the same boat and are still waiting on their ninja or have done the same as I and cancelled their order?
  2. Not surprised, those things are going out at what? 6k new?
  3. Yeah I was getting it for 6k drive away. I was just pissed it took them 3 weeks to tell me that I wasn't going to get it till the end of August. I would've looked for other bikes weeks ago if that was the case.
  4. Why anyone would buy one new is beyond me considering the bike has been in constant production for like 20 years.
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  5. I wanted a Ninja. Then found a Honda that blew my socks off.
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  6. $6k new, wow that's cheap! Let us know how the Honda goes.
  7. theres a wait for a reason.............
    went in to a Honda dealer Monday to get a brake lever for my vtr,
    had a look at the new cbr250...... not impressed infact i reckon the hyosung is a better bike.
    for 6k peter stevens have a suzuki gs500f 2007, an ex-demo hyosung gt650 comet (2010)

    or a few ninjas for 5.5k (08/09)

    anyway just some options. and im shure the cbr250r is a fine bike though
  8. Sorry my Honda was Second hand...
  9. if you can man, buy second hand through a dealer or something for your first bike... not to old though.... newer than 2000 i'd say... but if your hearts set on a new bike, well do it. just take it easy and make sure you're full comp insured.

    welcome to the club.
  10. I'll def be getting full comp. I like the idea of buying a bike without someone elses problems. Plus I figured the new 2011 CBR's will have a good resale seeing as there are no previous models.
  11. i agree with you noodles- and i think honda cbr and the vtr are a far better bike for your money, sure your going to lose a little bit when you sell it but imo it's no biggie!
  12. yeah i dont think the '11 cbr would have much in resale tho...

    really its a scooter that looks like a real bike, i mean they are only a 250cc single.

    now with LAMS i dont see tiny singles going for much when people have a better choice of bikes that handle them self's much better.

    when i got the GS i had it in my mind that resalewould be great. every bike shop had both new and second selling for $7000/$8000 new to $6000/$7000 second hand.

    But as a commuter this bike is great highway is brilliant and peek hour is fine (ok some days in summer you can smell the 500cc p/twin getting hot but it cools down quick). so there will be no resale on my bike as i will keep it as my work bike and get something different for weekends, track days and touring.
  13. they'll hold their resale... only because more clueless noobies will buy them thinking they are buying a smaller version of casey stoner's bike. It will be a function of how little new riders know, as opposed to how good the bikes actually are.
  14. if nobody bought bikes new then we'd run out of second hand ones.
    Just sayin'.
    And for 6k brand new out the door, that's pretty bloody good.
    Then again, for the $500 you save getting the cbr250r, you can get yourself a set of starter gear.
  15. There was probably a shortage on the ninjas probably due to the shipping from Japan,caused by the tsunami,im waiting on spare parts to be shipped was quoted a month and a half,remember those bikes are very popular around the world.
  16. I understood that it was totally out of their control as to it taking so long. What pissed me off was the fact they kept saying yeah it will be here at the end of the week or early next week or when they said they would call me back they never would. To finally be told after 3 weeks that it will be another month...
  17. A mate of mine has ordered his bike last week - a brand new Ninja for under $6K not only drive away (6months rego) but delivered from Hervey Bay to Brisbane. They have already delayed the delivery by 24hours - was due today - now tomorrow. Hope he's not hanging for weeks/months. He ordered it from a regional dealer as he couldn't find one under $6K anywhere in Brisbane
  18. Wow, resale prices on these new ninja's and cbr's are going to be low for the people in the market a couple of years from now. Looks like there will be bikes with low km's in top nick going for 4k and under...I'd hate to think of how low you'd have to go if you put a few km's on one (sub $3k??)
    My mate paid $5200 for a low km 250r about 6 months ago and that was the cheapest going round. Now you put a few extra hunge and It's brand spankers!
  19. Y are ninja in melbourne so cheap? In sydney i called bikebiz on friday they wanted $7350 ride away for ninja special edition. I told them its rrp $6299 and in melbourne its $6k ride away , they told me sydney has different on road cost and rego cost?? Is it true??

    $1350 more den melbourne price??