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massive sale at pro cycles hornsby

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pottz79, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Went into pro cycles today at hornsby. they are having a huge 30-50% off sale everything! The boys from work have all been going and stocking up. I picked up some hornee jeans down from $240 to $160. Gloves from $110 to $60. picked up an alarm/disc lock for $50 and even a rego tube for only $20. There is a chance that they might be shutting down, hence the sale to try and boost numbers. Before you ask, I have nothing to do with the shop or work there or anything. Just wanted to pass it on as there is great deals on everything there, even bikes.

  2. wow.. thats 2 sales in 1 year.. they must be hurting.. might drop in tomorrow. wouldnt be right if they closed down..
  3. mate of mine buys his stuff there.. might check it out as a i need another pair of riding jeans
  4. pretty good joint.. nice people. cant say i go there that much though.
  5. :shock: woah :bannanabutt: :dance: :beer: :tantrum: :woot: