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Massive group ride up the putty today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Anyone know what group ride was on today ??

    Saw a massive amount of bikes heading up the putty - looked very well organised, with several groups within the group.

    Was quite funny seeing all the older bikes, some of them blowing a silly amount of blue smoke heading up the mountain.

    Glad I was heading back and not up the putty.
  2. a glorious day like today is always going to see heaps of bikes attempting the Putty, (with varying degrees of success :LOL:) Tomorrow will probably be busier.

    There was a fair bit of traffic on Macquarie Pass today a well....
  3. Funny, not too many on the Ol' Pac for a beautiful sunny Saturday. No queues in Road Warriors and were even treated to the antics of a militant non-smoker (female) complaining about a nearby smoker (another female) swapping language that would cause a wharfy to blush.

    A heads-up to people wanting to do the Ol' Pac... the Mobil at Berowra is temporarily closed for a refit (morphing into a 7-11) leaving just the Shell servo for choice. I'd been prior warned of this but it was catching a few people out.
  4. was a good run up old pac yday and this morning. far less busy than i expected.

    wat time were u up there yday Blaise?
    I saw a yellow D675 heading back as I was going up, about 230 pm?
  5. Quiet on The Old Rd,not including the 2 marked cars 1 each end on Saturday.We ended up at The Wollombi Pub,also quiet but Jerrys had a huge crowd as we went past going up and back.Ended up at the tail end of 15 cars stuck behind a mid sized removal truck around Lemmings Corner,followed for a good 45 minutes on single lane with double yellows with absolutly zero interst pulling over to let people past.Thats 50kph in an 80k zone,just dont understand these wankers.Plenty of pull over spots.
  6. That was a classic bike rally. Full of old farts and smoky kick-starts. it was glorious. i caught them crossing the sackville ferry. it was the 3rd ferry full of old norten, bsa and royal einfelds and there were even more collecting on the bank as we crossed. 170 bikes they claimed, pretty good effort for a cold July morning!they stopped short and had lunch at Colo. the putty was dead! only 6 bikes at grey gums.

    finally a good weekend to ride!