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Mass shootings - Charlie Brooker's Newswipe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Dec 16, 2012.

  2. Same thing gets said every time. Yet the news gets worse and worse.
  3. Morgan Freeman said no such thing, that's BS.
  4. But I read it on the internet!
  5. Ban schools and nobody will get shot at school.
  6. Let's not go there Grue please
  7. Only because you said pleaseā€¦
  8. There is enough stupidity already...give man some hope for the future!
  9. Fake or not the message was poignant.
  10. ^ Sadly I think there's more to it than that.

    Freeman's fake quote ends with "You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem."

    At a time when gun control is a big topic of debate in the US, someone has hijacked Freeman's credibility but placing a 'pro gun' statement in a thinly veiled poignant statement. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn't be surprised if the NRA is behind it...

    It's rallying all kinds of 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' rants and statements online which is really pathetic. The bulk of the quote is quality, in that the media contributes to these incidents, but the quote is more about gun control than the tragedy. (IMO).
  11. I was in Texas about 6 weeks ago. I was in a small city called Lubbock of about 300000 people. I went to 1 of it's 15+ gun shops on a Saturday morning and it was completely packed. I was with a colleague, a post doc at Texas Tech University in marine biology, incredibly smart girl. She was a self professed gun nut owning 3 rifles, a shot gun and showing her husband which hand gun she wanted for Christmas. I had one guy seriously ask me "How do you protect yourself in Australia? you got no guns"

    The problem with gun control in America is there is far far far too many guns already in circulation. You couldn't have a buy back like Australia. You couldn't legislate a dent in the existing circulation of guns in the US. It probably should be illegal to buy an assault rifle designed for warfare but the hoax message is right that gun control cannot stop something like this occurring. America have already scrambled their egg with regards to guns. I would never want Australia to be like America with regard to guns, but its impossible to make America anything remotely similar to Australia, gun control would just piss off a hell of a lot of people.
  12. ^ Watch out for those marine biologists...

    I agree that America is probably too far gone for a Howard style solution, but legislation could possibly bring an attitude/cultural change going forward.

    Guns are not the 'cause' of this violence but certainly contribute to the outcome.
    If you compare the US shooting to the recent incident in China, the difference is stark. IICR, no one was killed in China (attacker used a knife, guns not readily available)) and in the US there were 26 deaths?

    It would be political suicide but given Obama's in his second term I think he should give it a crack. At least restrict assault rifle and hand gun sales and improve licensing requirements me thinks.
  13. solution? We've actually "solved" gun issues here? Well I'll be. Where have I been
  14. In preventing mass shootings with semi automatic weapons? Its been over 10 years since the last attempt.
  15. A solution is a process in approaching a problem. It doesn't mean it's solved.
    The trend would suggest that the 'solution' has dramatically reduced gun violence.

  16. It does look like Obama is going to try something. But remember the US has midterms and he will lose all power if he attempts anything too drastic in the next two years. There are not a lot of people who would change their vote from democrat to republican because a government did not do enough to control guns, but there are plenty of democrat and non voting gun nuts who would change to republican.

    Attitudes cannot be changed through legislation. Let's say a government wanted to restrict motorbikes to 500 cc engines, and were successful. Would that change our attitude to wanting them?
  17. Of course it can. Look at the impact smoking legislation has had on the % of the smoking population. The jap import scene has significantly died since banning turbos for P plate drivers. Victorian water restrictions altered water use patters (even after the restrictions were lifted). Public policy is all about shifting behavior.

    As for everything else, I'm in violent agreement. Which is strange :cautious:
  18. Our smoking rate is higher than the US where you can still get cigarettes for $6 a pack. People are quitting smoking because they either die or have been educated about the consequences. Legislation probably has had little to do with it.

    Turbo sales have declined because they've cut out the market who wants them. I would say attitudes are still rather similar.

    Water restriction have changed behaviour yes, but this is very different to guns. You don't get people obsessed by the idea of overusing water. This is just behavioural conditioning.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it is awful that so many people have so many powerful weapons in the US. Restrictions on higher powered weapons would probably be a good thing. I've never fired a weapon before and have little interest in owning a gun. However I also don't think that gun control in the US will realistically do anything to stop tragedies like this occurring in the future. And the reason I got onto this was I believe the hoax email is pretty spot on that addressing mental health issues and the media's attitude to reporting mass shootings can do a lot more to stop future mass shootings than any gun control.
  19. Also I might add that gun control in Australia was the catalyst for the shooters party. If anything it gave gun owners a voice and cemented attitudes.