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Mass ride tips please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by capri727, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all..

    I have not been riding for all that long and still lack some confidence, but I'm hoping/planning to make it to Canberra on Saturday for the mass ride. What advice would you more experienced riders have for me with regards to riding in large groups, and also dealing with the extra riders on the open road who will be wanting to go much faster than me. ??
  2. My advice. Don't ride in mass groups if you can help it. You state that everyone will be wanting to go much faster than you - well methinks it'll be a case of you trying to keep up to them!

    My experience with large groups of unknown riders has been nothing more than extremely unpleasant. You don't know them, what they're capable - or more often than not - NOT capable of...
    Everyone tries to race everyone else, a group of motorcyclists gets a "we're bad" attitude and completely shuns road rules, sense and common courtesy, not to mention when you try and create a bit of a buffer around you, some knob will always try and fill the gap. It's not very nice travelling at speed with a bike either side of you and one inches away from your arse.
    If you must, then either stay in front, or well behind.
  3. Uhh, going to and from the island is generally fine - you get the occasional dickhead but that's normal.

    If you can keep the pace, and maintain your line you should be fine - but make sure you're comfortable riding before you try.
  4. The ride to Canberra you say,

    Just ride at your own pace, don't ride to keep up to joe blogs in front of you.

    Leave yourself lots of room around you, if you can ride at the rear of the pack.

    Stagger formation is probably the best positioning for group riding. This is where you have bikes spread like this;




    If you feel completely freaked out, don't join a grou that is massive, start small i.e join a netrider group ride to get a feel for it.
  5. Ok... thanks for the replies... i've ridden in a toy run with about 400 bikes, and we rode in staggered formation (well, almost side by side). I guess it will be similar, but i just wondered if there's any unspoken 'rules' of such events. If there's not, well & good! I'm not so worried about not keeping up with others.. i know i'm less experienced so i just let others go.
  6. []



    Vic's diagram was meant to look like this but the spaces he used didn't move the middle bike over, hopefully my dashes in place of his spaces get the point across.
  7. cheers matt
  8. I can tell from my limited experience that what is mentioned here is quite true, me and my mates, 4 of us, went down to stanwell park on a sunday which is loaded with bikes, I mean loaded, I cant count the amount of times I was over taken by groups of bikes that where almost pushing me off the road in there enthusiasim, and yes, despite what your logical mind says, if you have one guy who likes to ride fast and race, than every one else will! its best to go in a group of people whom you know and trust....even than, you guys will still race about! :LOL:
  9. Hi Capri727 - for the ride on Saturday... the actual ride from Watson to Parliament house, and I believe they are closing Northbourne Ave for us so if that is the case we will have three lanes just for bikes.

    Our group is riding up towards the front, you are more than welcome to join us if you like, I think we will have a number of new riders with us. PM me for the details if you like.

    As for the extra riders coming to Canberra, just keep a good eye out on what is coming up behind you - some people will overtake you in your own lane, just stick to one side of the lane if this is going to happen. Not much you can do about it, but at least if you are keeping a look out for it you are prepared (and not shocked out of your skin when suddenly an orange ninja appears next to you in your own lane!!)

    It should be a great day - well worth attending!
  10. I'm sorry, guys, I can't resist any longer.

    My tip on mass rides is to do it separately, so as to arrive at the church separately, thereby making it easy to get a parking spot :LOL:

    {And I'm not even a Catholic :LOL:}