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Mass Rally for Unfair Speed Tolerances

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lil, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I'll be there with bells on!!!

  2. Can't make it, but emailed everyone I can to get them in on it

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  3. Couldn't care less, I never speed anyway

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  1. Couldn't find this when I searched, so thought I'd post it. Not just for bikes....

    November 5th 2006

    On Sunday November 5th, a mass protest rally will be held in the city of Melbourne to demand at least 10km/h tolerance, before speeding fines are issued by speed camera's.
    Motorists should not be fined for speeds of only a few kilometers over the posted limit when speedo's on motor vehicles are only required to have a tolerance of plus or minus 10% by Australian Design Rules.
    With your help, this will be a huge rally of well over 100,000 people in order to show the government that motorists can't be trampled underfoot in order to fill State Government coffers.

    1. Attend the protest rally.

    2. Tell your friends and co-workers about the rally - the more publicity, the better. Email all your contact about this protest.

    3. Involve everyone - this is a fight for fair treatment of all road users, whether they are motoring enthusiasts, communters, truckies, pensioners or students.

    4. Stay informed by sending an email to the email address below so that you can be included in the mailing list.

    For more information, contact:

    [EDIT] Added poll and entering in calendar
  2. I'm in Sydney so won't be able to make it but I fully support what is happening and I hope it tears the likes of Bracks a new one.

    Hope it goes well!!! :)
  3. Sounds good, count me in lil .
  4. in canberra so wont be able to come - but give it to em!!!
  5. I'll second that! I've had friends in Melbourne be booked for 2-3km/h over the speed limit. It's complete bs as the speed cameras tolerence levels could never allow for such an exact amount. The other thing is it's pure revenue raising as doing 62 in a 60 zone is far from a safety issue.
  6. Mass Rally against Unfair Speed Tolerances

    er.. I couldn't take part in a "Mass Rally for Unfair Speed Tolerances" because I'm against unfair tolerances.
  7. hey lil.. im keen for this for sure.. please keep us updated as to details.. ill be pinning it up everywhere.
  8. Yeah good on you. About time some Australian majorities were changing policies in this so-called democracy.

    "What do we want?!"
    Reasonable change!
    "When do we want it?!"
    As soon as possible!
  9. My firstborn is due the day after, but I'll try and make it... :)
  10. Count me in :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. Ill be there.
  12. roger wilco
  13. How about adding this to the calender??
  14. good idea!

    wish i could join in.....best of luck
  15. How about running it as a poll as well, to gauge the level of interest.

    I'm definately in!
  16. Poll added and also sent request to Event Calendar. Didn't think about those :oops:
  17. Thanks lil, 100% positive response so far. (only 2 have voted) but hey, it's a great start.

  18. Just so people are aware.....

    The Liberal policy position is to bring back the 10% tolerance and there is a forth coming election on 25 November.

    The higher the turn out the more pressure placed on Bracks.
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