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Mass fines in sydney pitt st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MC21SP, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Police march on, their fining all the bikes that are parked from about liverpool or goulburn st, up to pitt st mall.

    If you've been fined already, leave it there, if you havent move it if you want to avoid a fine and a headache

    March is on from 9 - 1
  2. What are they fining for?
  3. Think its a clearway today for the march?
  4. Quite a scene this morning, what's the point of towing the bikes when there are still cars blocking clearway?!



  5. Did they tow all the bikes?
  6. ouch..piSSed off commuters right there...

    wtf is the event?
    looks just like usual city traffic.
  7. Apparently not, I guess the tow trucks were full and they didn't bother to come back. The scooter on the curb left a note saying flat battery and he was on his way to get a new one.
  8. There was a parade on George Street, so all the buses were diverted to Pitt Street, hence the clearway on Pitt Street. The thing is they didn't fully enforce it, so some people got penalised while others got lucky, and they didn't get a full clearway due to there were still cars parked on the street.
  9. What prickery. Every time I've seen a special event clearway set out, event organisers or the like have come along the night before or early in the morning and blocked it off with witches hats etc, after putting flyers on vehicles the day before as a warning. It's a bit unreasonable to expect somebody will check that the sign, where they park every day, hasn't suddenly changed. Still, I went to Sydney once. How many pricks does it take to make a city?
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  10. I guess they make more money towing bikes as they can fit many bikes on a flatbed, so they did not bother towing cars.
  11. How many angels on a pin?

    Not like you to be so shitty, matt. Must have had some unusually bad experience. Bad sex?

  12. Actually, it was an unusually bad experience! :) It culminated in me quitting my job a week later, which I guess wasn't such a bad thing - I was left with no commitments and mounted on a motorcycle riding into the sunset. Isn't that the dream?

    I often feel that Melbourne's too fast and cold a place, let alone Sydney.
  13. 4.5 million apparently.......
  14. Someone didnt pick up at Mardi Gras