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Masei DOT 822 Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Funkmonkey, Nov 8, 2011.

    This is a non AS rated helmet, it is however DOT rated. This is purely a helmet review, and i havent placed this here as a recommendation to buy a non AS helmet or debate that subject.
    For the discussion on AS rated helmets, please see the following thread -

    For the review of this helmet, please read on :)

    So i went ahead and bought a helmet off eBay for use on closed private road recently, far from looking for just a cheap helmet, the criteria was actually a flip face helmet, but i couldnt find one that wouldnt break the bank. When i was doing an ebay search i came across a number of these in various designs up for auction.

    Masei helmets are a US based brand but are produced in Hong Kong, and available directly from their website, this particular model retails off the shelf in the US for around $160. I wasnt able to find many reviews of this brand let alone this model, so i entered into the auction and thought i would just see for myself what they were like. I managed to win that auction at $81, with free shipping. And it arrived yesterday.

    My first impression as i picked up the parcel was that there could not possibly actually be a helmet in there, as the foam package was a little on the light side, but as i opened up the box, there inside was my shiney new DOT 822 Blue Chrome Skull helmet, inside a cloth carry bag.

    I pulled it out of the bag and had a good look over it at first. There are a couple of blemishes on the paint work which look like perhaps its had something knocked against it, or the paint has chipped a little, but it is not highly noticeable.
    I first tested the Visor itself, which can be quite stiff to open and you dont seem to be able to just crack it open a little bit which is useful for defogging if you dont want to have wind rushing up at your face, but does shut with a very satisfying and solid click.
    It has built in retractable rainbow sunglasses which are very clean and reflective, and the action very smooth.
    There are two openable vents on it, one at the front and one on top, the top one being a little on the stiff side but useable, and it has a couple of exhaust ports on the back of the head.
    The clip itself is a different design to what im used to, a little like a big zip tie except you open up the part with the teeth and slide it out again.
    Opening the front took me a couple of minutes to figure out how it works before i found the red button on the inside. It opens ok but when you go to shut it it makes a very plastic on plastic creaking sound. And there is still a fair amount of movement in it.
    Out on the road is where this unit does seem to come together, it is very light on the head, does not blow around in the wind (My M2R TT Comp in strong wind feels like its trying to tear my head off) and quite comfortably stays in one spot on the head the way a decent helmet should.
    It VERY quickly cools your head too, and does actually vent very effectively, although you still get the usual visor fogging at low speed, and instead of the wind being a loud banging at times, at all times it is just a bit of constant white noise, easily defeated by a set of earplugs. (Again unlike the M2R which it doesnt matter what you do, all you hear is wind)
    So in some ways this is a slightly underwhelming helmet, but exceeds expectations in other ways, and to be quite honest i would rate it as an above average helmet for the price i got it at, although at full retail price i would say there are likely better helmets out there.
    I think i would be quite happy continuing to use this helmet, it does a very adequate job and doesnt leave you sweating and with neck ache, so that must be a good thing right?