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Marysville to Cumberland Junction

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Jan 3, 2008.

  1. #1 [FLUX], Jan 3, 2008
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    Someone enjoying the twisties between Marysville and Cumberland Junction.


    Don't know if it's been sped up or not.

  2. IMO that stretch of road actually has some corners and corner combinations that are trickier than on the actual reefton spur - especially when the road width closes down some part way through... strange road design that.

    I must say, that's some pretty fancy riding. I'm impressed.

    That's one very nimble bike/rider combination.
  3. Ohhhh what a schweeet, schweeeeet sound!!! :grin: :grin:

    Hmm nice visuals too fer sure .. but ohhh that sound!!!

    Am sure I've heard similar out 'round the Mirboo Nth-Boolarra area .. must be a similar breed of critter out there too (but I could be wrong) :p ..

    :grin: :grin:
  4. Now I enjoyed that run in the dry. :grin: Pleasure to watch.
    Interesting to note that the rider cut the throttle on a few of the corners, just hold the line.
    I rode it in the wet with debris everywhere, wasn't much fun at all. :cry:
  5. Looks to me that the only times the throttle was being cut was on a decreasing radius and/or when the vanishing point started to close up mid-corner.
  6. That's what I said. :?:

    Edit: Oops. It should have read , just to hold the line.
    I hope that now makes better sense.
  7. Ah, "just hold the line", as in, "a demonstration of just holding the line".
  8. In 10 minutes of riding, there's probably only a few spots where the throttle isn't continuously rolled on throughout every corner - especially in the very tight turn half way through - but at no time is the throttle chopped in the classic SR#1 mode.

    The vid is a fine example of throttle control. That rider get's on the throttle earlier than I do... definitely something for me to work into my riding.

    I like how the rider at 9 '23" was the only one to change his line enough to allow the faster rider to safely get past. That was considerate. :)
  9. Great Friday afternoon watch. Don't think it's been sped up.

    That right and then left from 0:35 looks awesome! :eek: ..and from there it doesn't let up. Planning a Melby trip in Feb, this will be on the list :grin:

    Rolls on late a few times too, but I also heard the Mona Lisa has an erroneous stroke near the bottom right, that dark patch on her left elbow. Damn that's some quick flicking from 5:37. Commendably courteous overtaking too.

    PS: P-plater at 4:40 is riding out of restriction? :LOL:
  10. This was 'wednesdays' ride wasn't it?
    Just looking at myself for the two seconds before he passes me ... damn I have to learn to lean ... lol
    Who was filming?
  11. that p-plater at 4.40 has his full bike license thank you. p plate is up cause on had p's on his car therefore needing to display p on bike. but allowed to ride whatever they like and pillion. just no alcohol. but it doesnt matter. that guy doesn't drink
  12. This ride was on wednesday.
    I just realised when I saw myself towards the end at around 8.40. :grin:
    I don't know who the rider was with the camera but. :?
    Anyone Know PM me. :cool:
  13. fcuk that's not fair. (4:56-4:57) I'd been stuck behind that bloody aprillia for ages (about 4km) and Goosh not much longer than me, then you and your buddy turned up and he bloody backs off between corners and waves you past despite having had me and goosh stuck there for kms. :-s Thanks though, I slipped in behind you and Gooshy got by shortly after. It was nice to have a clear road again to watch you disappear into the distance. :) But still, what did you pay him to give you a break? :LOL:

    The 2nd rider you passed was Shelley. You're looking very comfortable though the twisties honey, I'm gonna have to get faster. :grin: :oops:
  14. meh, ordinary.
    he/she'll go alright when they get the hang of it...
  15. Thanks for clearing that up GOOSH, obviously both our states have some slightly odd regulations.
  16. Thats a Daytona 675, black.
  17. I guess it'd be classified as "presence". Creep up on someone, and they'll tend to think that you're happy to just sit there. Warp in instead, and fill up their mirrors with headlights, and it becomes obvious to all but the most obstinate that they're in your way. The intent would not have been to intimidate though, just to announce the arrival. I don't think that the Aprilia rider really needed to back-off or wave-on for the camera bike to get past when it did, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless.
  18. Sweet stretch of tarmac. That bike sounds familiar...hmmm