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Marysville mate is Alive

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. My home of over 10 years went up in smoke yesterday (I left a few years ago)


    my best man at my wedding I just got a phone call from him 30mins ago and he is safe, his property is not. Lines and mobile phones are down around the area and we were concerned for him, phone calls were flying back and fourth from our families trying to keep each other updated. Many of my close dear friends in town and the other affected out lying towns of Narby and Buxton houses have been wiped out and I am still waiting for confirmation that they are OK. Many of them are in the CFA/SES as I was and I wish them well for there efforts.

    This is a tight knit community and I can only feel for them at the moment and my heart goes out to them all. Fires are still out of control in Murrindindi and I trust everyone is safe there.
  2. Such a shame
    Marysville and the surounds are just beautifull. (exspecially near the Spur) :cry: :(

    I too have friends there. Hope all is well.
  3. news are reporting 26 deaths in vic fires so far, bloody sad, and they also say an arsonist started it, now that gets on my nerves, find him, put him in a cage and light it up.. dosnt deserve any better
  4. That sux :evil: ^^^
    As if the firemen and ambos and police did not have enough on their hands. For a few days already paramedic schedules have been full, and ALL personal are out on duty. What the hell is wrong with this 'arsonist'/retard ???????? :jerk:
  5. I understand what Daz is saying; lack of communication is worse than bad news. In the Ash Wednseday fires the phone lines in the Valley went out early and the level of mis-information that went on for over 24 hours was amazing. I remember lying in bed in the middle of Yarra Junction listening to the radio telling me that Yarra Junction had been completely destroyed :shock:. Over the space of about 36 hours the Reefton Pub burned down about 4 times, if reports were to be believed.

    No amount of sympathy will heal the broken hearts, however much aid is poured into rebuilding the towns.....
  6. watching sky news, saying Marysville is about to totally get wiped out, confirmed 49 dead, this is bigger than ash wed, what a real shame for those people, feel for them
  7. only 3 houses survived in that area, the footy field was everones savior as everything around them burnt
  8. 65 people confirmed dead :( If this goes on, this is worse than Ash Wednesday.

    Sorry to hear your old home was lost, Dazza. Hope all those you know are safe and well.
  9. My heart is truly bleeding for all involved..

    I'm sorry to the OP for his loss... i'm thinking of you all today.
  10. I hope your friends are all safe Dazza.
    We have been frequent visitors to the shire for quite a number of years.
    It's a great area with a good bunch of people.
    We have a holiday site on Jews creek Eildon that may be in the fire's path.
    As much as I hope it avoids destruction, it's NOTHING compared to what others are going through.
    My thoughts are with those who have lost what can never be replaced.
  11. 65 dead 700 homes :(
  12. Dazza, I feel for you. We are now part of the community and the loss is devastating. What is worse than no communication is the misinformation. I went to the community at Healesville this morning and was told that Narby was gone. I'd been feeling that we might be OK. Hearing that set me off and then we heard that south of the pub was OK (twice). Also heard that there was no access through the Spur due to the road melting (bullshit). I would rather have not heard anything (in some ways) than hear the wrong thing.

    We are likely to have no power for at least 2 weeks due to there really being nothing in the area (thus a low priority).
  13. Sister got through to her mate this morning up in marysville, Meg. She lost the house, grandma's house, had her best mate and her best mate's family killed.
    Her boss was supposed to finalise a sale on their restaurant in marysville, Monday (how's that for bad timing?); all they have left is the clothes on their backs and their cat.
    So intense they were watching from her grandma's neighbour's house (mud brick), watching cattle running while on fire before getting caught by the fire.
    Apparently while driving there was just car after car burnt out; god knows how many didn't get out in time.

    Had a work colleague's mum (lives in kinglake), house gone, no contents insurance. Out that way, four cars crashed into each other during the fire storm; all died in the cars.
    Listening the kinglake publican on saturday night talking to 774, cars coming in just before the fires with tires smouldering and fresh crash damage; it was that close for them.

    I juat hate to think how many people could have driven off the road.

    fcuk. fcuk. fcuk.
  14. The paper this morning says that the f*#king wanker arsoninst faces 25 years and could be charged with murder/manslaughter. Now is a good time for the justice system to flex there arms and **** this 'censored'
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I know that i will definatly be making donations today as Victorians give millions of dollars to help others. With 90 percent of Marysville gone it is going to be a tireing and costly effort to try and put peoples lives back together. I sicerely feel for those that lost love ones, as i too just experienced the lost of one of my family.
    It has been a very bitter week for all.
    I wish everyone good luck