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Marysville footage - GONE

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MacManMike, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Been watching the Sentinel website and the ABC news footage of the fires.

    They just showed aerial footage of Marysville.

    Or what used to be Marysville.

    The whole place looks like it was nuked. Something like 80% of the buildings have been reduced to ash.

    Stay off the roads today people.
  2. Last ABC report I read indicated that there is believed to be only one building left standing in Marysville :shock: Truly horrible.
    To think i was up there the other day having a pie and drink. So sad. :(
  4. That is very sad indeed.

    I looked at the video, but couldn't really make out many land marks, except the round about on the way over toward Reefton. I certainly couldn't tell if the main street buildings were gone. Most of the video seemed to be of residential buildings around the main street, in the bush.

    I hope everyone was well insured.

    Kinglake didn't do so well either.

    It was one exceptionally bad day yesterday. Let's hope there aren't any more like that in future.
  5. i spent some of my childhood in Alexandra and Marysville...
    my thoughts are with friends and family touched by the fire..

  6. Just remembered I have a second cousin who runs the Kinglake general store with his wife and kids.
    Hope Geoff and Dora and kids are safe. :?
    Haven't seen or heard from them in years but you think of family in times like this.
  7. And apparently, people are saying that this is only going to get worse (next year) with climate change/global warmings. :(
    In the meantime Queensland is very flooded in populated areas.

    And my friend's cousin in England, says they are so snowed in people have been locked indoors for days. :eek: :(
  8. Having lived through the middle of Ash Wednesday, I can only imagine what this must be like, since everyone's saying it's worse :(.
  9. News reported that only the bakery survived, everything else has been turned to ash :(
  10. I would NEVER have believed we'd ever see worse than Ash Wednesday.
    It's a terrible weekend.