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Marulan Track Day

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. #1 UDLOSE, Mar 10, 2011
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    I did a track day at Marulan recently. First time on the track, I needed more gearing. I'm selling the triumph and building a cbr600 tracky atm.


  2. Nice footage mate, looks like a good little track. Looks like 2nd gear cops a thrashing there though
  3. Good shit! Some clean overtakes and well picked lines. Who said the little track wasn't much fun?
  4. Thanks yak! Yeh I had a ball at that place, I'm hanging to go back.

    Pete yeh it's second for me the whole time except I click it into 3rd on the straight but back off straight away. 2nd is overkill, too much comp braking forcing me to enter corners slower than I'd like to but I tried 3rd and u get a cleaner entry but it's got no drive on the exit. I reckon +2 on the rear sprocket would sort it out.
  5. One track day and getting a track bike? Just like me mate! haha

    Didn't you find the Gopro got in the way on the tank? I found that when I tried it in that spot. Much prefer the helmet spot.
  6. Nah first track da at marulan! I've done the creek 4 times. I'm scared of smashing my road bike, plus it looks like I'm losing my license again so tracky is looking like the best option.. Yeh the go pro was in the way, that's why it was wheelying so much because I couldnt weigh down the front enough.
  7. Oh ok makes sense. I just bought a bomb track bike with my brother so we can ride its nuts off and not worry about wrecking our road bikes. Makes me think I should sell the R1 though, Don't quight know the point in keeping it already if Im honest.