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Marulan Track Day Saturday March 22, 2014

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by iClint, Mar 9, 2014.

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    I'm going to the MDTC for a motorcycle Track day, Saturday March 22, 2014

    This is a more casual track experience, Leather onsies are optional, only full skin coverage is required (textiles are fine), and the cost is significantly cheaper.

    Cost for the day is $140 (you must book ahead of the day) + $40 (paid on the day) membership for 12 months.

    Only requirement is your bike must be under 90dB from 30 meters.

    There is no need to remove mirrors, tape or wire your bike, just ride there and ride home.

    I will be Leaving from the Moorebank BP on heath coat road at 6am sharp and just shooting down the M5/Hume highway to arrive at 7:45am.

    Anyone who would like to join me is welcome.
  2. double post
  3. I got the email for this.

    I would love to do it but I don't have the stock exhaust on the ZX6RR.

    Also, I'm doing track day next Sunday at Eastern Creek, so it would be hard to get a pass two weekends in a row.

    Maybe will do the next one and just use the Brutale.
  4. I would have loved to join you but I'm tied up with other commitments that day. Please post the next one, I hope to be along for that one
  5. I might be going to this, I gotta put the baffle in my race bike and see how bad it is. Otherwise I'll try and get my Motard sorted out
  6. Hey Clint, I'm definitely in for this day! Cya sat.

    What bike/group you entered?

    I'm going to be having a ride of my mate's WR450 Motard but il also bring my cbr600 race bike down for a session or two.

    I think my mates entered the Motard group so I think I'll probably be in the fast non Motard group
  7. Hey mate, I will be there let me know if plans change.
  8. I'm taking my VFR not entered in any group yet, when I booked she just asked about the bike.
  9. I'm leaving a bit earlier 6am
  10. Are you guys riding down or towing? You'll probably pass me on the Hume, I'll be trailering the 2 bikes down
  11. Ok sounds good, i'll be there.
  12. Riding down
  13. What are you riding? and where are you coming from?
  14. I'm on a black GSXR 750 and coming down from Inner West area.
  15. Yesterdays outing at the Marulan Driver Training Centre (MDTC) was a blast. It was the first bike day they have held for a while and it's something they want to start back up.

    @mogley@mogley met me at Moorebank at 6am and we arrived 7:10am nice ride down south with the sun rising behind us.

    Motards dominated the turnout with only a handful of sport bikes Myself, Mogley, Udlose and a couple more.

    The track is more of a country road simulation than an actual track, it's narrow and tight and about 1.1km long but that is pretty much 1.1km's of one tight corner after the next with a small straight of about 250m.

    The staff were friendly, the food in the cafe was good and the cost $140 was very reasonable. I got in 8 sessions or about 2 hours of riding, and watching some of the Motards between sessions was worth the cost of admission alone.

    MDTC wants to put on more of these days, but needs the numbers to do so. I highly encourage everyone to give it a go, even if you have never been to a track before or only just got your license, it's a great opportunity to ride on what could be a section of the Old road, Mac-pass or Nasho with out the boring straights, pushbike riders, sunday drivers and other fcuktards, and best of all NO COPS!

    Textiles are fine, boots pant's jacket gloves and helmet so there is no need to outlay thousands on race suites etc., typically you will only be doing road speeds on the track <100km through the corners and <150km/h up the straight
  16. Did anyone not make it on because of noise restriction?

    Were they very picky about that?
  17. To my knowledge no one was kicked off. At the briefing Jeff specifically said if you got your stock pipe put it on, if you have a baffle stick it in, if you get get called in for noise just pack your shit up and go home.

    I was redlining my V4 up the straight past where the noise was being measured no worries. I had a "sports" baffle in which is louder than 94db.
  18. Good to know.

    Sounds like a great day, and a decent alternative to Eastern Creek!

    Will try to make it out next time around!
  19. I concur with what Clint said, was an awesome day out!

    Got a good amount of sessions in, was a great price and the track is super fun. It is a tight right-hander track with a little straight but perfect for those that want to work on cornering.

    Clint - Hope the ride back was OK, didn't get to say bye before you left.
  20. When is the next day planned?