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Marty lets the fur fly....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, May 28, 2005.

  1. Just got an SMS from Marty_H.
    Hit a roo around Kinglake this morning at about 80kmh.
    Stood up the bike at the last second and clobbered the mongrel...then rode it out.
    Main thing, he's OK. Bit of a sore left leg but that's all.
    Didn't thrown it away, but nosecone, left fairing panel and front mudguard lost some shape and paint before adding plenty of fur.
    Skippy's bought the farm.
    Marty went on to Mt. Hotham as planned.

  2. For fcuk's sake!
  3. I'm glad Marty's okay. :D
    I bet he's glad he bought those heated grips. Its cold out there.
  4. quick ring the R.S.P.C.A
    he just wants to get rid of the VFR , i bet he lined him up :LOL:
  5. Bull'seye.
  6. Noooo......that sucks.....

    He just got it back!!

  7. SMS'ed him back
    That bike is jinxed.
    :shock: :shock:
  8. Yeah, sell it and buy a FireStorm.

    Seems to be what the other VFR riders who stack are doing..... :D
  9. bloody roos/wallabies should learn thier place in the world!!!!
  10. Well I gave him a call when I got his sms yesterday arvo headding back from Beechworth... He was okay... all in good spirit... but had some skippy steak in his radiator... :S

    Poor fella is having no luck with that bike.

  11. Have to agree with you there Knightrider. That bike is jinxed. I'm beginning to think all Viffers are.

    Though switching didn't help Mouth did it. :cry:
  12. BMW's are a force of their own.....
  13. Absolutely :twisted: Could have been on a scooter and it will still have happened :roll:

    Marty obviously needs some retraining on using "The Force" .. I'll have to retrain him on that :)
  14. Damn dark side overpowering the jedi again. :(
    Now we just need a token short/small rider who happens to ride a green kwaka we can call Yoda, and a bitter old angry guy who claims the 'dark side' is more powerful and we've got a full set.

    Back to the Jedi Academy (Southbank Coffee hangout)!!!
  15. gee, I hope he didnt clip too many trees before he managed to hit the roo?!?!
  16. Marty never does things by ½ :?

    So what's the go with repairs? Insurance, self-fix, possible write-off from sub-frame? Definantly had a bad run mate :(
  17. You are a very lucky boy Marty.
    What I was really pleased about in reading your post is that you didn't try to fool us into thinking that you were in control. It's so tepmpting after the event to glamorise your role and make yourself look like a super rider who avoided death and destruction through superior riding skill.
    Your honesty is refreshing, thank you.
  18. Marty, that computer clock thigy u got attach to te forks, how did u get the magnet to stick to the rotors?

    CAn you take a closer pic of that?? :D