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Marsupial SMIDSY's

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by dsyfer, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Head to work this morning. 6.30am, still dark, twisty hills road. Head around a bend and who do I find slowly making his way accross the road right in the middle of my lane but a koala, steered to the back of him, he didn't even look up as I went past. Two minutes later I caught some movement in my periferal after coming round another bend, slowed and covered the brakes just in time to have a kangaroo (big bastard) go straight accross the road, right where I would have been if not spotting the movement.

    Now I'm not sure if they were working together, or if it was just coincidence, but I felt that the native animal population was out to get me this morning.
  2. Animals are cunning bastards and don't anyone let them tell you otherwise. I used to work in an aquarium. I would dive in the big tank to feed everything. You are diving without fins but extra weight so you sink, so it feels like you are walking around weighing about 10kg. Every day the big green turtles would do the same trick. The 1st one would come straight on at you, take some food and proceed to swim over you nudging your head and forcing you to lean back. To which you would find the second bastard is right behind your knee caps so you topple ass over tit right over the top of it with everyone in the tunnel watching the feeding laughing their asses off.
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    what's this infractions crapola smilee? ....
    as for wildlife - yeah used to live out mildura & had the partner n her brothers familiy living in broken hill at the time ....it's a brown pants moment even in a car coming over a crest and seeing 10-15 kangaroo's just hanging out both on and just off the road & there's some big buggers out broken hill way, driving back to mildura from broken hill one time & seeing a big F off size eagle n bunch of crows picking at a roo corpse in the middle of the road...as we got within ten metres the crows flew off....we slowed down (lil holden nova hatchback) just incase the eagle flew/hopped in the way....it simply raised its head and stared us down as we went past....it was at eye level with us in the car intimidating to say the least

    kangaroo's are the steven segal of our roads...they look all innocent n stupid...but they'll **** you up...i'm always on edge in even remotely rural places

    out of curiousity anyone had any experience's with snakes whilst on the bike? i know they've been known to flick up from a tyre into wheel wells or backs of utes ect
  4. It means I'm a user that's been banned before so watch out I'm a bad ass.

    Well I called someone an idiot. Oooops
  5. On netrider? Idiots? Never.... ;)

    I've run over a snake(little turd) then where I am, we have wombats on steroids, Roos on speed, little ducks and ducklings that don't give a shit, and echidnas that just know you'll avoid their spikey little ass.
  6. ahhh...ta for clearing that up...i'll remember not to drop the I bomb around here
  7. eagles dont fly well with a full stomach,
    they will fend off prey from their feed till the last second....
    then like guy martin (tt3d) they forget that they are carrying extra weight..... often leafvng them to go through windscreen in trucks as they try to take off at the last second. when this happens the truckie jumps out of the cab - have you seen the talons on these

    wonder if they see a bike as enough of a threat to fly away????
  8. Ever seen those owls(I think they are owls) on the Mildura-broken hill run, come over the crest, high beams on and they just sit on the centre line and do not even flinch as you go past.
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  10. unsure if they're owls but yes (i always tried avoiding doing the broken hill-mildura runs when living in mildura...caus...i lived in mildura and earned fat cash - i'd rather be at the gateway pub) the worst time is sunset/early night for most wild-life around there...more so roo's when your coming to the outskirts of broken hill...and i've seen a few birds hanging around the middle of the road get turned into pancakes ty to road-trains
  11. Koalas can really run. The one you came across must have just had his dose of sleepy leaves.
    Cane Toads are bad. They suck you in and if facing across jump sideways so you miss them. The ones facing in your direction make an easy thump under the wheels.
    The worst "wildlife" are horses that have escaped from paddocks. They are totally unpredictable. My brother hit one in a cage and wrote it off completely (the horse and the car). If I see them near the road I stop.
    Cows are just dumb and never really much of a threat unless you get out while holding a white ice-cream container in which case they are likely to charge (from experience).
  12. Had a deer jump out in front of the two cars that were in front of me in the royal national park just as I was about to round up the cars a sea of red lights and tyre smoke. I was puckered up and a change of underparts were almost required. I have had to dodge wombats coming home from my mates farm in canyonleigh late one arvo. Those bastards are rock solid and can get quite a waddle on too. My friend was riding up mt Kiera and the guy in front went past a red belly black snake on the road and it reared up so as she came up to it she had to raise the knee. She gave it heaps of room and it did the bolt after that. My mate from the USA complains we have too many dangerous animals, they have bears and mountain lions! Imagine hitting one of those, you would just piss it off and it would maul you and take you away like a snack pack. Bugger that...