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Marshy's New Rider Tip of the Day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marshy, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Ok pretty simple....

    Dont drop ya bike!!!!

    They say all learners will do it once... but crapola!!

    Was tired... didnt think straigh... had a difficult situation... second guessed myself.. mind went blank... dropped the bike...

    Pretty shitty with myself.

    Waiting on a new front brake lever.
  2. Sorry to hear marshy but i hope u r ok , which is the main thing .
  3. Sorry to hear about your off hope you are ok & levers are pretty cheap. Tip I was given keep a spare of each & spare head & tail light globes under your seat!
  4. My pride is hurt more than the bike....

    Was minor... just silly really...

    Scratches on the bike and broke the brake lever.
  5. Oh whilst I am waiting on the part (seems everyone is breaking these lately)..

    Anyone have any tips on replacing the break lever? As far as i can see its a straight bolt in thing. Not sure about the bit with like an adjustment wheel on it tho... whether or not that was attached or is seperate...

    I can look at the housemates bike later as they are identicle.
  6. better still pinch his brake lever!
  7. Hahahah I am meant to be taking his bike in for a roadworthy tomoz... somehow... i dont think it will pass if its missing it!!
  8. OK so do it when you get back!
  9. OK you're just too devious... explains why you live in Cranny!

    Q: Why does Narre Warren have a caravan park?
    A: So people in Cranbourne have a place to holiday!!

  10. So why am I riding to Sydney for mine?
  11. On a cereal note what is your bike again?
  12. Just unbolt one, bolt the other one in its place. Take the adjustment thing off the original, and put on the new one. Then tighten / loosen the adjustment screw until it just touches the button on the end (there should be minimal play in this now). Before you go off on a ride - sit on it, push forward, and make sure the new brake feels right and actually stops the bike. If not - continue the adjustments.
  13. Hey Hey!!

    Thanks Boz... i been out and about and fixed this on my way home. I didnt change teh adjusters but basically figured if I wound the new on to the same gap it should be ok... I checked the breaks were working fine and all was ok in breaking terms again.

    Prob is... the bastard didnt wanna start and now I gots me a flat battery!!

    The saga's continue!

    So here I am now waiting a day so that if i flooded it... it'll get over that... and hopefully pull a lil bit of charge in the battery.

    I am hoping its only the battery thats the prob. It was still running on its side when I dropped it.

    Meh.. to tired... rest time for me.

    Bond Girl - its a cbr250rr.
  14. Ohh quick Q here... I wasnt sure about if you can or not...

    Can you use your car to jumpstart a bike??
    They are both 12V batteries but the amps??
  15. Have done on mine with no ill effects! Forester - CB 250
  16. Awesome!! Shall give it a go this arvo then!!

    I know I've been crapping on a bit... i'm on the net when tired and should be resting... but at least gives you guys something to read eh!!
  17. Hey if you've learnt something then you're in front by miles. We're all here to learn & to teach!
  18. Hey thanks for teh quick reply on the battery Q bondy! Started up first go. I was afraid it might of been a lil more than a simple flat battery (ie/ reasons for not firing?). So it was bothering me.

    The bike is all home now, resting from its ordeal. Noticed the front indicater was hanging off the fairing tho, DOH! Should be easy enough to fix that one.

    Geez, the simplest of lil mistakes turns out to be a two day long ordeal. Well... had to spend time with the girly most of the day in the city... so that dragged it on.

    Thanks all!
  19. should be able to push start it if it's just the battery - throw it in second, hold the clutch and run (or if you have a hill available sit on it and let gravity work). Let the clutch out when you have some speed and once it catches pull it back in right away.

    (you may want to check fluid levels in the battery too - can be a reason why it's not holding its charge)

    Out of curiosity - I have read many times that push starting is done in second, but why? Why not first or third? I have push started in second many times :? and it works, but based on the advice i have never bothered trying the other gears...

    Note: I wrote this reply initially without changing to the next page of the thread, didn't realise the battery issue was resolved already
  20. Hey Boz I've only ever bump started in first gear!