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MARS Leathers in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by HONDA_PETE, May 23, 2013.

  1. I have been looking around to get into some leathers tried several big name stores and could not find a set that fitted/suited what i was after...

    I heard about some online companies that do tailor made leathers but a bit pricy @ $2000.00

    Anyways was in the City today and come across MARS leathers... went in had a look they were not too busy 2-3 people in the store spoke to a guy there who said they can custom fit one of 5 different styles for the ticket price plus $50. or they can do complete custom design if i had something else in mind.

    The Question mark in the heading!!! Has anyone purchased a custom jacket and pants from MARS in Melbourne or somewhere else in melbourne for around $1000.oo or less????
  2. I believe they used to do all the HWP Solo for VIC before they went textile. They may still do the pants thats what they told me last year when I went in for a look. Personally I did not like any of the styles or feel in leather at the time.
  3. You might want to also try Bikers Gear Australia out in Ferntree Gully, they do custom stuff, and are reasonably priced. I bought my textiles from them.
  4. Hey Pete,

    you are going to have these leathers for a long time, my 2 cents worth, save up a bit more and get the best set you can that suit what sort of riding you are going to be doing. For custom leathers that are very good but realisticly priced have a look here - http://ozmotorcycleleathers.com/
    They are also on this site and I have found them very heplful and more than willing to give good advice.
    Cheers Jeremy
  5. I have a set of leathers from Mars in Melbourne, they've lasted 10 years so far. They are thicker and less well finished than say Tiger Angel stuff but durability isn't the issue it's more that they're old fashioned styles and thick. They haven't altered much in the last 20 years either.

    If you're looking for a leather jacket and pants for use on a cruiser then go for it I reckon but if you're looking for sporty leathers then look elsewhere IMO.
  6. check if they are doing the work or getting the suits made in Pakistan or China. I don't think everything on their racks is made by them.
  7. Thanks I seen one style there that I liked and would work out for me. Really if it just about how it looks then I am happy to save some money on that as long as the quality and protection is there...

    They have a GP jacket which is good for a cruiser sports bike mix.

    I have a black VTR Firestorm as per picture so can get away with not so sporty leathers

    they have some items from overseas that are off the shelf however there is about 4-5 styles that they custom make in melbourne...

    Alpine stars are made in CHINA too so not sure that made in china should be a let down???

    anyways thanks for the
  8. Cheers jeremy have sent them a email...
  9. apart from tiger angel, the other place in melb that does leathers is


    if you want to comparison shop.
    They don't feature on his web site but he does do them.
    I've bought his kangaroo gloves and their quality is great
  10. Mars are very durable with good quality thick leather, they don't have stretch panels or the more up to date armour and they tailoring can be a bit wonky, but they tend hold up well if it comes to it.
    Also, I could never figure out why they tried to measure an inside leg to fit a jacket.
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