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married life.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Three bloody great riding days and here I am mowin lawns, trimmin trees and generally getting really pissed off......... this is what I have to do because I chose to spend the last 3 weekends on my bike and I want next weekend off to go to the bike show.........Now don't get me wrong I love my wife, but bloody hell I spend 5 days a week with her isn't that enough???????
    She's even accussed me of being sexist!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure..

    If I'm lucky I just may get to wash the bike on Monday and take it for a quick spin dry but other than that, it's lawns, trees, and bloody house maintenance.

    I swear the next home I own will have green painted concrete front to back, and no bloody mowin!!

    Thank god I'm not a Muslim, I could have had 12 wives all telling me I can't go bloody riding this weekend.

    Gotta go, she's coming back in........and no, it's not a thumb print in the top of my head it's a natural indentation that most men have or develop as the get older (insert married)

    [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<
  2. Buy her a bike too....worked for me....

  3. Do the crime, do the time :)
  4. Get an apartment at Docklands, bugger all maintenance at all = more riding time.

    And get a housekeeper as well, so she'll have more riding time on the bike that you buy her :p
  5. That does it im tellng the girlfriend im never getting married.

  6. Well.. I ride a bike and so does my husband so we share a common interest.. Actually we share many..

    But Chris helps me out heaps around home.. He does heaps of stuff after he comes home from work so the weekends are free.. He even washes the clothes for me when I haven't had a chance to do them... We even have weekends off from riding.

    Maybe you need to work out a better plan of doing your house work stuff and then you will have more time doing the stuff you like.. I don't think it has anything to do with being married.. it's just life.

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Thats enough for any man to feel sorry for them ( Muslim men).
    How many male Muslims?
    Thats lots and lots of medals that should be made. :LOL:
  8. Gee thats bad luck Nobby :-({|=

    I got my wife into riding her own bike, she now has a Fireblade and just loves it :!:
    So much so that if the weathers looking good shes out there with me doing all those shit jobs so niether of us miss out on days like this weekend :LOL:

    I strongly suggest you try a new approach :?:
  9. Ummm NO, not all men. The soft feable ones maybe, but there are some of us who ARE the masters of our domain. . . . . . . . . . . .Yes honey I am coming :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  10. I dont have a wife and I still have to do gardening, lawn mowing, dish washing... oh well :?
  11. need to find a wife that can do lawn mowing, dishes, washing and any other job i can think of so i can go riding.lol
  12. Both Jeanette and I ride, and it still causes problems.

    Mainly working out who gets to go riding and who has to look after the rugrat. :cry:

    Ahh well, at least we both ride to and from work.
  13. I reckon Jeanette has paid her penance lugging the bugger around for nine months.....

    I reckon its her turn to go riding now :p
  14. Ah well...our rats are a tad older so it's finally a matter of saying "behave yourselves, we're going out for a bit"...Still can't do overnighters...but only a few years away and then the kids will be responsible while we bugger off for a weekend (yeah I know - they'll be having parties....phhht...they THINK we don't know! ;) )...

    We "roster" who rides on what week days, and who is the kids taxi....

  15. Ahh but I wasn't around to assist creating this rugrat (came onto the scene when he was 3 months old). :p
  16. I'm telling my girlfriend that my wife won't let me get married :p :p :p

    I spent my weekend mowing lawns too, but I get to ride all through the week. :wink: :wink: :wink:
  17. hmmm Interesting - I just got my bike, I hope this won't be a problem.
  18. Found this as a reply on the forum I originally found the "Warning to Male members" thread.

    You know when you go out with a girl for a while and think that this is going somewhere.

    So you buy her a friendship ring.

    After a while you then get her an engagement ring.

    Then a wedding ring and then you get the suffeRING.
  19. Easy to say that when you have a motorcycling wife love :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Do what I did, help around the house and in the garden, decorate when asked, help with the kids without being asked and then wake up on Christmas morning to find a bike under the tree. Albeit a CB250 but a bike nonetheless. (Actually purchased two weeks after Christmas but it was a belated Christmas present).