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Marrickville practice spots

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slygrog, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I can't get the search function working on my phone and I may need this information THE MOMENT I GET HOME. I got my Ls today, and I'm wondering if there are any tried and true practice spots near Addison Road in Marrickville. I've scoped out a street near my hose (Charles or something) but I was curious about other suggestions.

  2. There used to be a decent one here but that's Eastgardens way, I was there about a month and most of the markings (practice MOST test site) have disappeared.

    The car park you mentioned near Charles St seems the good though as long as you can get in.

    Maybe even the car park near Henson Park
  3. Thank you! To be honest, that didn't go well. I barely got out of my driveway before I dropped the bike doing an accidental slow u-turn, and thought it best to head home. Lucky I was basically down the lane next door when this happened! Ha. Tomorrow night, I might try pushing the bike around in neutral for awhile before I drive it towards traffic.
  4. Ah that sucks, any damage?

    Practice makes perfect so you'll be having coming out to Homebush practice sessions in a while ;)
  5. I do boxing class Sat 7.30 - 8.30 am around Addison Rd in Marrickvile, if you need any help I happy to stick around a while. Also try to go to Homebush Practice sessions once you're more confident on the road.
  6. No damage I can see. It was very low speed, I pretty much laid it down gently. It's a 235kg bike though (IIRC) so picking it up sucked!

    I definitely hope to make it out to Homebush in the very near future.
  7. That is such a kind offer, thank you. I will have a few more goes this week and let you know if I need to take you up on it!
  8. Wow, 235kg. You must have some guns to lay it down carefully.

    Practice makes perfect. I have my bike at campsie at the moment so if you need any help, marickville is not far.

  9. When i used to live in Enmore, i had to walk past Enmore tafe on the way back from Kickboxing in Newtown. I used to see riders in the Tafe car park practising slow riding/uturns and such. I don't know if it's an official thing but maybe you can have a look and a chat to see if you could join?

    I moved out of Enmore about 3 months ago though so i don't know if it's still on, given that its winter too.