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Marks on visor and pinlock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sirlc6, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. As the title says I have marks on the inside of my visor between the visor and pinlock. I don't ride without the pinlock on my visor and only remove it from the visor to clean weekly (I commute everyday) do you guys think this is a manufacturing flaw or the cleaner I'm using (just water and a lint free cloth) they aren't scratches from dirt but like something has reacted with the visor/pinlock.


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  2. A stupid question I know but did you remove the protective film from the pin lock visor before installing it ?
  3. The pinlock was already installed on the visor/helmet when I bought it. So I just checked now and there is no protective film on it. I've had the helmet for about 6 months and have noticed them for about 3 months but I cleaned my visor last night and they are getting worse. Are the pinlocks normally tight against the visor? Mine can slide slightly up and down maybe 1 or 2mm on the visor.
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    Yes usually tight and there is a front and back also, the side that should be up against the helmets visor should have like a small silicon seam around outside.
  5. Thank you I have it on back to front and it has obviously scratched my visor. Thank you for your help and time. Looks like a new visor and pinlock for me. Scratch that up to experience I think (pun intended)
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  6. Does the face side of a Pinlock have a special coating or are they real delicate?

    My Pinlock was fitted for me by the nice lady in the shop when I briguht a new helmet. There's big thumb print right in the middle of the visor on the inside, so between the 2 layers annoys the OCD in me. Then the other day I used some glasses cleaning spray on the inside of the pinlock. I've used that stuff on glasses with all sorts of coatings & films. It works a treat on the plastic surface of computer LCD screens. But it looked like it dissolved the surface of the pinlock. I can just make out the spray pattern from the bottle as it hit the surface, like it dissolved the plastic. I apprehensively used some Scott anti-fog on the Pinlock and it seemed to fix things a little. Then last night I tried gently scratching off a bit of something from the pinlock with my finger nail and it left a deep mark. It seems like the surface is soft.

    Comments anyone? Constructive put-downs welcome too.

    Guess I should read the instruction for care of Pinlock and I think I may be up for a new one.
  7. Hmmmm not that I know of. My understanding of the way the system works is with the small silcon bead gives it a small sealed air gap between the pinlock and the helmet visor that is not effected by temperature or moisture/condensation.
    That's the way I see it anyway.
  8. That's what I thought Andrew WestAndrew West It's like the surface nearest my face is very soft. As if the glasses cleaner dissolved the plastic and it has still soft 2 or 3 weeks on.
  9. Hmmm very odd !
  10. On the plus side replacing the Pinlock is about half the cost of replacing the visor.
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    Al_CamAl_Cam yes, the surface of both sides of the pinlock inserts have a hydrophilic coating, so will absorb any liquid it comes in contact with. if you use a cleaner on it, it will soak it up and leave the spray marks as you said. To clean a pinlock insert just use warm water or warm water and a mild soap, but make sure it is rinsed of with just water. let it air dry, don't use a cloth on it. you can use a hairdryer if you are impatient, but careful not to melt it of course. Any contact with the insert with a cloth or whatever will cause smudge marks and wont clear up.

    if your pinlock ever get cloudy or foggy, a simple rinse and dry will fix it! I found this out the hard way. I tried getting it clean with a cloth and ended up marking the surface up.

    you can test this but spraying a light mist on the pinlock and you can see it soak it up. and after a while it will evaporate off.
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  12. Both sides, well I'll be Hornswoggled. I might try washing the poor little thing in the recommended way on the weekend to give it a good chance to dry.

    So I have done the second point of the following:

    "To an Engineer there are two types of matter. Matter that needs to be fixed & matter that after you've played with it for a while will need to be fixed."

    (Citation: Someone on NetRider)
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