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Marks on clear screen

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BiX, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Yesterday when i was filling the bike up, i was getting the nozzle over into the tank and some petrol flung out and landed on the clear screen of the sv650s, I washed it off straight away, but it has still left cloudy patches. In the manual it says use a non abrasive plastic polish? any ideas on a brand? or will repco, supercheap stock something like that? or any toher ideas on how tog et it off?

  2. This is not definitive advice, but try Plexus, it seems to get rid of lots of scratches and stuff on my screen.
  3. maybe

    When I worked in a Retravision store 20 years ago we used to get scratches on the plastic covers on hi fi systems.

    We used to use toothpaste [the white stuff no the gel] to smooth out the scratches, and then buff with a lambswool cloth. :)

    Don't know if this will stuff up your visor but my 2c worth.
  4. Will try and track down plexus. I was thinking toothpaste, but it has a light abrasive in it, so wasn't sure. might try a small area and see if it works. Keep the ideas coming!!