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Marking out my own MOST course... graffitti...illegal..pffft

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robertm, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Thinking of marking out my own MOST test track to practice for the p's test. Been searching all over google earth for somewhere to mark it out near me. I'm new to chiswick near drummoyne, sydney, so i don't know the area and the only carpark that seems big enough is the sydney rowing club. Think they will mind if they suddenly have a few extra painted lines and dots in their carpark?

    Or does anyone know anywhere close by that i could do it?

    Can't make it to the learner practice sessions.

  2. You might not be able to make it to the practice sessions , but there is nothing stopping you from going to where the course is marked out semi-permantly and practicing by yourself.
  3. If you borrow my work uniform, you can mark whatever you like on the road.
  4. It's marked on the ground is it? 53 pages was a bit much i skimmed through allot of it but thought you guys were resetting it every week. Homebush isn't that far, where exactly is the course? Is it set exactly the same as the test? from the discussion on the thread it seemed like some of it was backwards...
  5. There is tape that is on the ground. The markings are as per the test. If you download the test from the rta site , and then went to homebush , you would have a better idea of how it is laid out. The only backwards part would be "Goz" :LOL: :LOL:

  6. Okay, so the course is exactly where the arrow is on the map?

    Thanks heaps guys. Was planning on using the boral high vis gear as camouflage but now wont need to.
  7. You never fail to put a smile on my face big fella. :LOL:
  8. I hadn't actually thought about that, there was nothing stopping me visiting the carpark where the test is done and practice it. Things like the U-turn box, the left hand turn box and the emergency brake lines should all be painted on. You would still need a set of cones with you to setup the weave but it would be a great way of learning the course.
  9. we leave bottles there as cones (if they are still there)
  10. Cool. I'll head out there during the day tomorrow and check it out. Thanks again.
  11. dont worry about it.. just mark it out using chalk or duct tape. easy as
  12. Went by the test set up at homebush on my way to uni today. Didn't have much time there cause i got a bit lost but most of it i was able to do fairly easily. The main problem i had was with the slalom through the witches hats. Any tips for doing it? I could usually do the first two or three but would run wide after that. I assume I'm supposed to be going around the outside of all the hats like when skiing? Should i be riding the the rear brake more/less, the clutch more/less, or is it simply a case of practice practice and a bit more practice?

    By the way, thanks for leaving the faux witches hats there. They came in handy.
  13. sounds like your picking up speed on the last few hats, ride the clutch heaps with your revs up while tapping the rear brake
  14. As above, the slalom markers are too close to get your tokyo drift on, slow speeds are the go. You can pick up a little speed if you are strong enough to physically move the bike around under you, but still, not much.
  15. Hi, i'm out practicing at the Homebush MOST track right now and just wondering which slalom set up is correct. I can never manage the whole thing on the one at the car park end, but there is another set up further down towards the middle - the smelly end - that i managed to do first go. The cone markers don't seem as far from the center line on the smelly end. So which one is correct? Or am i just imagining it?
  16. A motorbike copper just turned up, looked at me once, and then rode off. Ha ha. :)
  17. I might have to head out there when I get my L's

    Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Mate, you played for Australia, as an ambassador for the genuine Aussie Bloke, and you don't even have your learners.......
    Stick to bowling, and women, mate.
  19. The test track has changed a bit. I assume the cone markers were spaced out a bit far?
  20. Thanks guys. The slalom is a piece of piss now. Have only stuffed it up once from about fifteen goes. Still a bit messy looking but at least i can make it past the first two cones now. Cheers.