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marketing, the evil doers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. ive never been a fan of marketing, i think its wrong [there are exceptions].

    its because of marketing that poker machines have an addictive sent spray periodically above the poker machines. that's low!

    anywho i was in david jones the other day cause i need to buy replacement sofa. the salesman said 'you get 20% cash back on this sofa but u have to spend it in the store'

    the 20% that i would have had to spend 'my so called gift' would have been over a thousand if i bought the sofa.

    the problem i have with this arrangement is that its pure greed dressed up as generosity [the usual marketing way].

    i turned to the salesman and said 'i get that im the one paying for the cash back, i do get that, i dont need anything more, the sofa is the last item on my list. can i please just buy a sofa?'

    'no, im sorry, the cash back is compulsary to all purchases over $100'

    'i just want to buy a sofa and that's all, i wont be spending over $1000 on things i dont need just to get you to sell me a sofa'

    'no mamm, sorry, the sofa comes with the cash back only'

    a person walking into david jones and buying a sofa was not enough for them. they say no to that sale. 'oh no, we want more, you're going to have spend up big if you want to buy a sofa'.

    the sofa was held at a bloody ransom!

    that's not how you treat your customers. that's utter greed. i wont be walking in there again no matter how many thousands im willing to spend, its not going to be enough for them, they're always going to want more shopping out of me than i intend when i walk in the door.

    there are much better ways to do that. target sell books at cost to get you in and they hope you see something you like and buy it. no ransom there.

    the sadest part about this kind of marking is that there are people who fall for it.

    does that make it justified?
  2. You could have bought the sofa and not spent the $1000 :LOL:
  3. I think you could save 20% easy just by shopping anywhere BUT DJ's.

    Their marketing has a grip on you already, cause you went to their store. Its Megan Gale isnt it? :?
  4. no, that's my point. that $1000 is in their hands and i get a voucher. ive already spent the $1000 when i bought the sofa [so to speak], it's left me. when the voucher expires it's all theirs.

    cheers :cool:
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    I have the same (or at least very similar views towards marketing as you. Bill Hicks nailed it with the following quote he said during (some) gigs:
    And [media=youtube]gDW_Hj2K0wo[/media] is JUST GREAT (2:42 worth, watch it if you have never seen Bill Hicks stuff before)

    . Anyway, enough of marketing)

    That is LOW about a cash-back advertised does not mention "on an item purchased in future". If I was a barrister who had that happen to personally, I'd take them to the cleaners over that crap. :twisted:
  6. Stump? Do you eva have a good day :?:


    I'm calling bullshit here

    I work for the South Australian Office of the Liquor & Gambling Commissioner.

    NO gaming machine approved in this state has any 'addictive scent' pumped out of it. At all. That would be highly illegal in this state. Gaming machines cannot be approved if they have a device attached to them that encourages problem gambling.

    Now I can't speak for other states - every state has it's own gambling legislation.

    And Licensees are of course perfectly entitled to have those aeromatic scents plugged into their power points - just not affixed to a gaming machine.

    What would you rather a gaming room smelt like..ciggies & stale beer or jasmin?
  8. Same, i call bullshit as well, pokies are there to suck money out of the brainless twats that dont deserve to have it in the first place thereby keeping them inside and off the roads. MORE POKIES i say.
  9. Ahah!

    Someone else who appreciates the importance of a good sofa :grin: .

    Well, I'd hope it was a good one for 5 grand.

    Yep, marketing's crap.

    Plenty of space for amusement though.

    My own favourite is having a giggle at all the non-materialistic, uninfluenced by advertising, rugged individuals who've bought Harleys. H-D being the perpetrators of a several decade long marketing/image creation campaign that could serve as a case study in how to gull the punters.

    Well the latter would be more traditional and appropriate.

    Whilst I don't like pokies much, my social libertarian streak tells me that a free society includes the freedom for the individual to be knowingly ripped off and to indulge in self-destructive behaviour.

    That's with the proviso that the option exists to not be ripped off and to not indulge in self destructive behaviour of course. But I've not seen anyone pumping next week's rent into a pokie with a gun to their heads :? .
  10. Sorry, that should have been "former".
  11. Hmmm... as someone who originally started off studying marketing - before changing to finance - i agree some ways that companies market things can be dubious - but marketing is making sure that the companies produce goods that customers actually want to buy - whether looking for Unique Sellings Points (USPs) based on cheap n available - or exclusivity...

    Many people believe advertising and marketing are the same thing - or sales and marketing are the same thing, where someone who has studied this subject can tell you that they most definately are not...

    This is 20% cash back deal is a promotion - one single aspect of the marketing mix....

    Now i'm starting to bore myself with talking about things i did at uni... :roll:
  12. I am actually work for the marketing department of a charity (try and tell me it's evil to get people to donate to a good cause :p), and can say that what you experienced is not marketing, it was a bad salesperson. You obviously weren't happy with the service you received.

    I have to agree with what others have said...who buys a sofa from DJ's?!?! If you can fork out over $5000 for a sofa, do you really care about a cashback offer? :LOL:
  13. pro-pilot wrote


    *sigh*. i had a great day in david jones. went across the road and got myself a very cool rug!

    last time i checked, they were on the wall above the poker machines. i dont think it makes a lick a difference if igt's attached to the machine, the wall or the outlet. it's the moral that smells bad.


    i know what you're getting at and that's not the case. i happened to be in the area and looking for a sofa at the same time. it wouldn matter if it were djs, myer or ikea.


    woodsy wrote

    ha ha! that's why i wrote this down the bottom of my OP

    patb wrote

    it was niiicccee, and the leather i chose for it [the best leather i could find] happened to be the cheapest one in the leather sample book [is that another marketing scam? "whatever she picks, tell her its cheapest?"]

    i like your thoughts on H-D, im with you on that. i think it's got waaay out of control when i see an idiot wearing half a bloody helmet! natural selection, i know, i know.

    you ask 'why not wear a full face helmet, if you go into a pole, car or flat on the road it will protect you.'

    'yeah, but i like the look'

    'oh, so you like the look of having half your face torn off?'


    that would depend on how you got them to donate.

    i dont think it was the salesman, i got the impression he didnt have a choice. im going to let directors know about it anyway.

    pish posh! i'm not made of airports!
  14. It is bullshit about the "addictive" sent sprayed over the poker machines and secondly if people are dumb enough to fall for this kind of marketing they deserve it.
  15. snowball wrote

    even tho i didnt place it together until later on, i over heard a conversation at my nephews 5th bday party.

    the woman of the family [dont know any of their names :oops: ] spoke of how cool it was that she got to spend heaps of money in the store after getting furnature.

    she had a big smile on her face, as if she'd won the lottery. now i see what she was talking about.

    it was like 'free splurge yay!.'..because it's ok when it's free :roll: . she would have had more sense than to toss her money like that but not enough sense to realize that's exactly what she was doing.

    i have to agree, if they're dumb enough to fall for it then who are you going to blame? good point!
    this reminds me of something that happened years ago. it really mift me cause i didnt want the stupid victims to get any help cause they were too stupid.

    a person called up regular mums and dads who owned shares. they were offered half of what their shares were worth. they sold their shares at half price.

    stuff em! they deserved that one!

    oh wait, one more, tis MUCH worse!

    in america of course, mums and dads were told they won the lottery and had to pay a service fee to collect their winnings when they didnt buy a ticket.

    when the cops got to the bottom of it they turned up at the homes of those to return their money and some refused to take it because........


  16. I dont think DJs is the type of store to negotiate a 20% discount.
    If that is true then your 2 options are to pay retail or ticket price ($5k)
    Pay ticket price ($5k) and get a 1k voucher.

    How is this bad?

    If you wanted the 1k as a discount you would shop at a discount store not DJs, yeah?

    I'm confused....
  17. They caught onto this scam, and they now have to print the current market value of the shares on any offers to clients. Sooooooo now the sneaky f^&ker, offers the full value of the shares, how nice, but the fine print says you will be paid that amount over the next 10 or so years!!!!
  18. Again - in SA, we would not allow IGT to produce let alone install such a product in a gaming venue.

    Not sure what the laws are in other states, but I seriously doubt a gaming manufacturer would have permission to do that.

    In all likleyhood, it's the venue installing these scent things on their own, and they're most likely to be a simple odour freshner.
  19. Adictive spray :roll: Bull shit regardles of where you think it's mounted.
  20. Those that want to waste there money on poker machines have no sense ( :LOL: without that u can't smell) bad try at humour I guess, therefore addictive spray wouldnt be of any use. C'mon Jax whether they have smelly shit or not that aint gunna make a shit of a difference to whether or not people come or go, sorry mate jmho.