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Market Stats Jan-Mar 2008

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by psybic, May 9, 2008.

  1. Make Model Sold
    Honda CT110 668
    Honda CRF250R
    Honda CRF450R
    Yamaha YZ250F
    Yamaha WR450F
    Honda CBR125 367
    Honda CRF450X
    Harley LFSTF
    Kawasaki EX250-F

    Sorry, didn't have a chance to write down everything. You get the idea.

    Source: Drive - Sydney Morning Herald

  2. Interesting. The top 10 for last year didn't include a single road bike - perhaps dirt bike sales are greater in the later part of the year.

    The Hyosung GT250R also outsold the CBR125 last year, looks like people are now staying away from the Hyos (or buying the cheap 2nd hand ones instead).
  3. was the CBR125 even released for all of last year?

    the stats showed no sales for CBR125 in the same quarter last year, ie, none before March, which sounds right from memory.
  4. I thought it was early last year, and the would have sold a lot in the first few months what with pre-orders and the fact that it was "new".
    Of course Aussie buyers are yet to discover the gearbox problems that plague the model, so be interesting to see what sales are like in the long term, and if they take a sudden dive like Hyosung seems to be doing once word gets out.
  5. Fairly useless piece of statistics, including both postie bikes that aren't sold on the market and off-road bikes that always out-sell the rest, it basically tells us completely nothing about that segment of the market that is of interest to us, namely road bikes.
    Fortunately there is is a much better source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries makes detailed reports available through their website. Here's a direct link to a PDF file with Top-10 stats for Jan - Mar 08. Honda sold 367 CBR125 in this period, vs, 226 Hoysung 250R. In the same period last year Hyosung sold 306 of the same model.
  6. Well that depends what information you are after doesn't it?

    All I want to know is how many CBR125's sold because that is the exact market I'm targeting. I don't care if they are 2,435th on the list of 6th, the main thing I am concerned with is the number sold.

    If they can sell over 1,000 per year, I should be able to sell a decent amount of a similar yet cheaper and in my opinion so far, better bikes.

    I guess if you are just looking to argue which bikes sell the best compared to other bikes, its not that useful, but I've already committed to the particular model I'm importing, so I don't really care about the dirt bikes at all. nor bike bikes, or anything else.

    I just want to know what the market is like for the CBR125, cause THAT is who I am aiming at.
  7. Fair enough but the title of your thread was "Market Stats Jan - Mar", not "CBR125 Sales Jan - Mar" so I read it accordingly.
  8. yeah, it was the title and thats what i posted.

    i didn't post anything about who might find the stats useful. i didn't post how relevant they are to social impacts of motorcycle usage or any other bullshit.

    i just posted em up. you are the one who said they are useless.

    and as useful or useless as you may think they are, with your useful or useless opinion... they are indeed:

    the TOP 10 sales stats for the motorcycle market in australia for the first quarter of this year.
  9. Depends on how many of those CT110s are the Australia Post version - and how many are the CT110AG which are sold on the market and are quite popular with farmers.